Favourites #February


I can´t even remember how long ago my last favourites post was ;)
I majorly made favourites video and I still do ;)

but I really wanted to do this as a little blog thing to ;)
plus I have a few little favourites to add next to those I talk about in my video ;)

I spent very much time over on pinterest this month ;)
I am just way t much addicted to it ;)
Come on over and visit my pin boards

one of my favourite pin boards is this one
I loved the collection of amazing fashion pins and its just an amazing fashion inspiration

Also I loved watching Netflix all the time. Next to the Mentalist which I´ve been and still am sooo addicted to, I loved watching Supernatural and Vampire Diaries which I both started to watch again from the very beginning which is really strange if you know what will come ;)
Also its so funny if you see actors from other series in their smaller roles in other series =D haha

I am sure there are many other favourites - which were yours?
Tell me all about it so I can try them too =D


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