Essie: Mint Candy Apple | a Review

And a new Friday again...already the last one in February...can you believe it?

Today its about the Essie: Mint Candy Apple
An absolute classic and well loved by many ;) including me

I am loving this polish very much - its just the perfect mint - never found anything like it-
its a cool toned  minty, green toned blue, turquoise kind of ;)

It is really more on the side of summery nail polished...which makes this review not perfect for this time of the year, but once on a while I love to pop in the summer during so many grey and gloomy cold days ;) cant wait for it to get warmer though ;)

I have the feeling that this polish is a little harder to apply than other Essie polishes...don´t know why though...basically Essie nail polished are never super easy to apply...or maybe I just cant work with the brushed properly - what do you think?

Are you one of the Mint Candy Apple Lovers? 



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