Clinique Smart SPF 15 | a Review

First of all I have to say
so much LOVE for this product

The packaging says:
"Very Dry To Dry. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.
Smart daytime moisturiser targets wrinkles, brightens, firms, imparts radiance. Oil free"
The packaging is very nice tho ;) I feel very sophisticated using this :D hahaha

The internet says:
"It starts with an immediate moisture boost, plus Clinique Smart hydration technology that helps skin retain moisture where it´s needed most. Helps smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brighten and strengthen skin´d moisture barrier. Skin looks fresh, firm, alive with youth.
UVA/UVB protection helps it stay that way. Oil free." -

Well what do I say ;)

I am using this moisturiser since two month now and you can see...there is not too much gone yet.
I really love that you only need the smallest amount avery morning to cover all your face.
It makes my face feel so good, smooth and pampered. It never feels dry or itchy all day and those of you having such a dry skin, like mine, know how uncomfortable that can be.
So all moisture needs of your skin covered more than 12h a day.
Also it is amazing in combination with foundation, which is also important if you have dry skin.
Its really amazing to work with and I love how it makes my skin feel - so nice.
It also smells very nice, very subtle not a strong scent and not perfumed like some others are, which is also pretty important to me - a scent I like.
The formula is very nice too.
Its thicker and stronger than for example the moisture surge is, but this makes it perfect for the cold days of winter when you really have to protect your skin. And it still is very easy to apply!
Only down side wich os probably only a problem in my case is that is really encourages blood flow, which is good in general, but I have those really red cheeks which can be couperose or maybe not. Anyhow my cheeks are already strong in circulation and to much encouragement it not the ideal situation. Well what do I do? I actually am really careful to apply only a very thin layer of this on my cheeks and when I need more I apply a second one :) that works really well =D
Also i loooove the packaging - I feel so grown up and sophisticated using this ;) hahaha

What about you, do you have experiences with this product?
There are nearly no reviews of this cream online so I assume its not so popular.
Have you tried it yet?

Have an amazing weekend you lovelies =D



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