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The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book from Oprah´s book club

A new book review, finally ;) I don´t know if it was a good decision to read Anna Karenina for this ;) took soooo much more time to read that I expected ;)  even if you should have planed more time than one week to read an 1000 pages book ;) Most of the time I decide for a book depending on wether I have it unread on my shelf or not ;) Since I...again...planed to read this pretty long I went for this book in this category :)
other possible choices would be:
- A million little pieces by James Frey - The Pillars of the earth by Ken Follett - East of Eden by John Steinbeck - Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

the goodreads review about Anna Karenina by Lew Tolstoi:
* "Leo Tolstoy’s classic story of doomed love is one of the most admired novels in world literature. Generations of readers have been enthralled by his magnificent heroine, the unhappily married Anna Karenina, and her tragic affair with dashing Count Vronsky. In their …

Five Favourite Things Sunday

Today - Series I love watching

1. The Mentalist

I know I already talked about it in my favourites video ;) but I just had to add this here too ;)
There are six seasons and the last episode was just one year ago...which is a shame because I think I could watch this for ever and ever.
Basically The Mentalist is about a guy, Patrick Jane, who is or was a mentalist and earned his money with tricking others with getting a connection to ghosts of their dead beloved ones.
After loosing his wife and daughter who got killed by the mass murderer Red John he stops tricking others and continues to work only for the CBI to solve murder cases and to stop and kill Red John.
I just love watching this, the character of Patrick Jane is just unique and besides his obsession with Red John he is really an amazing guy. I love the ways of solving crimes and just everything about this show, only the constant getting away of Red John is really devastating ;)

2. Supernatural

The two brothers Sam and Dean Winc…

Favourites #February

I can´t even remember how long ago my last favourites post was ;) I majorly made favourites video and I still do ;)
but I really wanted to do this as a little blog thing to ;) plus I have a few little favourites to add next to those I talk about in my video ;)

I spent very much time over on pinterest this month ;) I am just way t much addicted to it ;) Come on over and visit my pin boards
one of my favourite pin boards is this one I loved the collection of amazing fashion pins and its just an amazing fashion inspiration

Also I loved watching Netflix all the time. Next to the Mentalist which I´ve been and still am sooo addicted to, I loved watching Supernatural and Vampire Diaries which I both started to watch again from the very beginning which is really strange if you know what will come ;)
Also its so funny if you see actors from other series in their smaller roles in other series =D haha

I am sure there are many other favourites - which were y…

Essie: Mint Candy Apple | a Review

And a new Friday again...already the last one in February...can you believe it?

Today its about the Essie: Mint Candy Apple
An absolute classic and well loved by many ;) including me

I am loving this polish very much - its just the perfect mint - never found anything like it- its a cool toned  minty, green toned blue, turquoise kind of ;)
It is really more on the side of summery nail polished...which makes this review not perfect for this time of the year, but once on a while I love to pop in the summer during so many grey and gloomy cold days ;) cant wait for it to get warmer though ;)
I have the feeling that this polish is a little harder to apply than other Essie polishes...don´t know why though...basically Essie nail polished are never super easy to apply...or maybe I just cant work with the brushed properly - what do you think?
Are you one of the Mint Candy Apple Lovers? 

The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book of poetry

Today I am having something lovely for you  By a poet I adore and love a lot
I fell in love with his work during my travels in ireland five years ago The book I chose for the category ... is a selected poems by WB. Yeats one I bought on ireland. I constantly read one or two of the poems in there but I never read all of them so now is the perfect time ;) And I just fell in love with them all over again I just love everything in his poems and I really really recommend them to everyone...even those of you who are not to much into myself ;)

Again a little goodreads review:

""All things can tempt me from this craft of verse: "
"One time it was a woman's face, or worse-"
"The seeming needs of my fool-driven land;"
"Now nothing but comes readier to the hand"
"Than this accustomed toil."
"--"From" All Things Can Tempt Me" 
Nobel Prize winner W.B. Yeats laid the foundations for an Irish literary …

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask | a Review

Good evening you wonderful people :) Its new friday and that means a new review for you ;)
Today its about he well known an loved  Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask  and about how amazing it is.
I am pretty sure that most of you already know a lot about this product or are using it ;) But for those of you not knowing it or thinking about getting it but are not too sure because it isn't the cheapest stuff ever comes what I thing about it =D

Luckily I got this amazing product in the duty free of Stockholm airport were I paid a little less  but in the stores you get it for 25€ - here Still it is an amazing price for such a high quality product
I am using this now since about three month and I can never say often enough how amazing it is  and how much I love it and its results on my skin, I think I can say that this will stay as a staple in my skincare routine from this day on ;) Most of the time I am just using it as my night cream and just do not use as much as you …

Baking Carrot Cake

A new day a new cake :) Today I am having a recipe for a delicious cake for you which I made a few weeks ago  I know not everybody likes carrot cake, but this one is amazing ;) ____________________________________________________________
You will need:
300g butter (room-temperature) 300g Muscovado sugar 1 heaped tsp cinnamon 1 heaped tsp ginger 1 pinch of grated nutmeg 1 pinch of grated cloves 6 free-range eggs 1 organic orange (zest and juice) 1 organic lime (zest and juice) 200 g flour 2 heaped tsp baking powder 120 g grated almonds 120 g walnuts 300 g carrots 1 pinch of salt * 250 g butter (room-temperature) 130 g icing sugar 1 lime zest 1 tbsp lime juice 1 tsp ginger 250 g cream cheese


It´ll take about 1 hour 40 minutes to make :) Preheat the oven to 180°C, grease and flour two springform baking tins.
For the dough: Batter butter, sugar and the spices until creamy. 

Mix in: the egg yolks, the orange and lime juice an…

Clinique Smart SPF 15 | a Review

First of all I have to say so much LOVE for this product

The packaging says: "Very Dry To Dry. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Smart daytime moisturiser targets wrinkles, brightens, firms, imparts radiance. Oil free" The packaging is very nice tho ;) I feel very sophisticated using this :D hahaha
The internet says: "It starts with an immediate moisture boost, plus Clinique Smart hydration technology that helps skin retain moisture where it´s needed most. Helps smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brighten and strengthen skin´d moisture barrier. Skin looks fresh, firm, alive with youth. UVA/UVB protection helps it stay that way. Oil free." -

Well what do I say ;)

I am using this moisturiser since two month now and you can see...there is not too much gone yet.
I really love that you only need the smallest amount avery morning to cover all your face.
It makes my face feel so good, smooth and pampered. It never feels dry or itchy all day and …

The Reading Challenge 2016 and a dystopian novel

Here I am back with a new book review Had so much to do with my last projects for uni, that I really had not a minute left  for reading in the last weeks - but now I am done with this semester and I am having 5 weeks free to do what ever I want to =D yay So a lot of time to read and enjoy it
For this review I have my book for the category a dystopian novel. First I wondered what the holly this is ;) So for all of you here comes a little definition ;)

"A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia,kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is translated as "not-good place", an antonym of utopia, a term that was coined by Sir Thomas More and figures as the title of his most well-known work, "Utopia."  "Utopia" is the blueprint for an ideal society with no crime or poverty.  Dystopian societies appear in many artistic works, particularly in stories set in a future. Some of the mos…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Fairytale Palette - FOTD

Good evening my friends :) Today I am having a little FOTD for you
I´m having the Fairytale Palette of the new launched Tanya Burr Cosmetics since a few weeks now and I love it I did not fall in love with it head over heels like I did with the Hollywood eye palette but never the less I love it and the quality is just as amazing ;)  read all about the other products I have here and learn everything about how amazing they are
I wore this look in my last video in which I did a hair tutorial watch it here and tell me what you think ;)

FACE: - Clinique Smart SPF 15 - Catrice cosmetics Even Skin Tone beautifying foundation in 010 even vanilla - Rimmel Wake me up concealer in ivory - Manhattan 2 in1  Perfect Teint Powder and Make up in 20 peach - Bourjois Délíce de Poudre in 51 -  Manhattan Powder Rouge in 34L Secret Lovers

EYES - Tanya Burr Cosmetics Fairytale Eye Palette -Maybelline Lash Sensational 
Brows Rival de Loop eyeshadow in 06 aubergine Maybelline BROWdrama in transparent

LIPS - …

January conclusion and February resolutions

and we have a new month already I cant believe that january is over... I mean honestly how fast can a whole month be over? January was packed with a lot of amazing things and many hard days but I think in general I liked it.
Like I said in my new year post I want to do new month resolutions post.
Its already a little late in the month to do this, but I had a loooooot of work to do for uni in the last weeks and today I am finally done with this semester. YAAAAAY

Thinking about january means thinking about a lot of work and hard days
new experiences and big big challenges.

My resolutions for january were
- stay strong - be patient - say yes and be brave to do things which frighten you - keep calm - be productive and not lazy

so I think I made it and I´ve done well, especially for being patient and staying strong.
Also I am pretty proud of myself because I said yes to something I was really afraid of
- a singing competition together with my sister ;) and it was nice and I am so happy I …