The Reading Challenge 2016 - a new year - a new challenge

Welcome 2016 and welcome you new reading challenge ;)
I failed big time last year and only made it up to 20 books instead of 52...
well done verena...well done ;)

But there is a new one this year and I really want to make it this year...REALLY =D hahha
and I hope I can catch up for the books I missed last year ;)

Here is the new collection of categories:

I am not too sure if I am going to do a review kind of thing again, like I did last year or if I am just quickly letting you know what I think and what I am planning to read next...
What do you think?

Are you doing a reading challenge this year?
I know so many people who say that one of their resolutions for the new year is that that they want to read more...this is your chance ;)

You can also set a reading goal over on Good Reads ;)
Its an amazing page I love it =D 
you can connect with your friends and they can motivated you to read ;)

Well ;) what are you going to do
Tell me all about it ;)


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