Maybelline - The Nudes Palette | a Review

Well :) you might have seen this palette in my last Favourites video - click here
and you might have seen this in hundrets and hundrets of other reviews
I am LOVING it

I am planning this post since month ;) I think september hahaha finally I am finishing it ;)

The Nudes Palette

I was very excited about this when it came out especially because I think it is the first of its
kind by Maybelline and also by most of the drugstore brands

I think it is around 10 euro and you get 12 aaaaaamazing colours for this bargainous prize ;)

The palette comes housed in a slim, shiny black packaging which really misses a mirror - really!
The colours are so gorgeous everything from light nudes, to beiges, to matte and shimmery browns tones, 
to gorgeous gold shades and a nice matte black.
Of cause you cant compare the quality of those shades with anything like UrbanDecay or Stila or Too faced or or or. I mean how much can you honestly expect if you pay 10 euro for 12 eyeshadows...thats 83ct for one of them. But compared for this price I really think this is a good value.
On the back of the palette (from which I forgot to take a pic...sry) you get some very handy look suggestions, it breaks down the palette into quads, trios or duos, so its really easy especially for the makeup beginners to combine shadows and get perfect matches.

So what exactly do you get?
The palette features satin, glittery/frost and matte shades.
In my opinion all of them are pretty good. The pigmentation is pretty nice and the colour payoff is good. 
The black is a little bit hard and you´ll ned a few more layers but its easy to work with it.
Of cause I have to say that they could do better, but I love using this palette and that only by accepting that you maybe need 
one more layer of colour to have an amazing eyelook ;)

I´ve read several reviews in which the bloggers complained about the consistency or the formula, but honestly I don´t think 
they are sheer or too hard or uneasy to blend at all.
I think its super easy to work with them. The swatches I did above are one layer, max two layers.
They are nicely blendable and easy to combine, it really makes fun to create looks :)

So in the end I can really say that if you are makeup beginner or short on you budget this is an amazing product to get, 
of cause you can better ones, but for this money this is an amazing.

Well all in all this is a nice offer - you get what you pay for and I think this is a bargain.
I do recommend this palette as long as you don´t compare this to others like the Naked ones ;)

So what do you think?
Do you like or are your experiences more on the bad side?
Tell me all about your experiences and your opinion ;)

Have an amazing weekend =D


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