Brunch in Munich

Good evening you wonderful world ;)
Happy Sunday :)

Today I wanted write a little about a place in munich where my sister and I have been brunching a little while ago and which was amazing =D

Its called Café Mozart and is right in the center of the city

It is an amazing little place which looks soo cute 
You can get food there all day, but my sister and I have been there for brunch last summer
Its actually preeeeeetty expensive - but that is just munich ;)

My sister got the classic breakfast with spinach and tomato scrambled egg and jogurt with fresh fruit and some cold meat and cheese, and a coffee ;)
I´ve got the norwegian breakfast with scrambled egg, potato rösti, smoked salmon on toast and jogurt and tee ;)
It was sooooo good :) We also got some jam and fresh orange juice, which I loooove so much

oh I could eat smoked salmon aaaall the time ;)

I is such a nice place and I love the design - really reminds me of all the amazing places in vienna ;)

So if you are ever in munich and are looking for a nice place to go for brunch - you should really try Café Mozart :)
There are so many more amazing choices for brunch on the menu, it all sounds so delicious and I really want to go back there soon to try more of it ;)


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