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10 Things Saturday - Forzieri

Hello everyone :) How are you all on this last day of 2016? Happy or sad that its over?
So as a last little treat for this year I am pretty happy that its over I thought I´d share a few amazing pieces I found on Forzieri which are on sale which is amazing. If you don´t know Forzieri its basically comparable with mytheresa in many ways. Its a website selling many amazing designers like Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, 3.1 Philipp Lim, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy.
There is a up to 50% Sale at the moment ^^ So ordered by brand ;) here are my top pics of the sale and just to let you know ;) its mainly hand bags and shoes ;)

On the left are the Louie ankleboots  - how gorgeous are those <3  and you get them 50% off atm On the right is Pashli - such a cute minibag which is 30% off (the size is actually great - not too small ^^)


left Diva Bootie - such cool boots. I love the details and materials. They are 50% off
How cool are those shoes on the right. The Consta…

BLOGMAS2016 #3 Some amazing Stocking Filler Inspiration

Hello everyone :) I thought I´d write up a little post with a few bits and pieces for you if you need a little inspiraion for your Christmas stocking ;)
so here are my favourite discoveries I´d love to put in a stocking if I´d make one ;) But its not a tradition where I live so I´ll think about giving these as regular Christmas presents ;)


Besides the kind of too big and bulky packaging I love this a lot. Its so pretty inside and out ;)

Look at this beauty

There are four amazing eyeshadows on the palette. A bright, shimmery, champagny colour which looks amazing and brightens up your eyes so nicely and its called vanilla sugar. Next to it is a lovely matte colour which is called toased tea cake. Its a lovely light brown colour which is amazing as an transition colour ;)  Below those two is hot chocolate & cream and cocoa dust. Hot chocolate & cream is one amazing colour. An amazing glittery dark brown with a lovely sparkle. Cocoa Dust is an other amazing co…