GlossyBox December - The Winter Wonders Edition

Its so near - Christmas is soooo near =D
and what am I doing instead of wrapping all those presents...
writing a little review about the winter wonders edition  ;)

Its a lovely box I love its design :) sooo pretty

The content is more or less wintery/christmassy:

Sensitive hand repair&protect

This cream is a fast and effective solution against environmental attack on your hands. Formulated with active ingredients and emollients, it helps form a protective layer around your hands while smoothing its rough, dry and cracked surface.
The non greasy formula contains Urea, Rose Water and Glycerin to stabilize the moisture content of the skin, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Allantoin collectively protect the skin´s natural biosphere. It is suitable for dry and severely damaged skin and it is hypoallergenic.
For more info click here
I am not a huge fan of hand creams in general, you know ;)
This one is no exception...unfortunately. It smells pretty nice but it need a little to long to sink into my skin to make me like it. But my mom will love it so ;) every one is happy ;)

Claire Fisher
Cleansing mask

Winter is the best time to pamper your skin. Threat yourself and your skin to the cleansing mask from the new series of Claire Fischer. Based on healing clay it clears impurities, refines enlarged pores and soothes stressed winter skin with plant extracts of aloe very and witch hazel.
It makes your complexion fine, lean and soft.
I really like this product, even if I think that it is not quite the right thing for my super sensitive skin.
The packaging say leave it on for 15-20 minutes, I think I left it on for about 10. I love the smell and how it feels on my skin and I think my skin was actually softer after wearing it ;)
But I think it is too strong especially for the skin on my cheeks where it is super thin and sensitive, so I have to be very careful :)
but I like it and can recommend it =D

L´oréal Paris Studio Line
#TXT Excess

Since volume it a must have for many of us and thanks to its Micro-Powder this spray is exactly what we need. It instantly makes your hair  catchy and adds fullness. An amazing thing about it is its matte finish and that it does not harden your hair and doesn´t make it hard to brush trough.
I never had any problem with volume...I have hair without an end and am ver happy about it, so I will try it when ever I´ll need it and review my experience ;)

Teeez Cosmetics
Oasis gem lipstick "Heat wave ruby"

This is a limited edition, high-precision lipstick, has an amazing formula which stays on really long thanks to its concentrated premium quality pigments. Its creamy texture feels smooth on your lips, nourished them with coconut oil extract and gives them a high-quality satin-matte finish.
I love this colour, very festive, and a gorgeous shade. Its a very drying product...a little like the MAC retro mates...which makes it not my fave, but it is amazing and it looks sooo nice that I can overlook this little down side ;) a nice product

Avène Couvrance

This mascara combines all the benefits sought one: volume, definition and bend, without clumping.
It is also and especially usable for sensitive eyes because it is hypoallergenic and without any perfume or preservatives.
I already got this mascara through a box last year this time..honestly I think you guys should check if you´ve already sent products to people
Well but I do love it :) I think this mascara actually fulfills every promise. Amazing Volume, good definition and oh what a length, oh and I really like the wand of it...even if it is plastic.

little goody

Well, what should I do with a mens perfume... ;)

Thats it, all about the last box in 2015 
There also will only be one more review, cause it canceled my abo, so 

I hope you liked it and that you will tell me everything about your experiences with those products
and have a very

Merry Christmas 

you lovely bunch


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