Glossy Box October - The feel good Edition

Well its already december, can you believe that,
 and I don´t even know how long the last blogpost is ago...
I am very sorry for being such a bad blogger, but honestly...I had a few really rough week, very very hard days and a lot of stress...anxiety and life hit very hard on me and I really needed some time off.

Since I am feeling a little better now I though I´d get back into the blogging game a little by sharing the last glossy boxes with you

Today at first the october one which was the feel good edition

I decided to cancel my glossy box abo after the winter edition this month...I don´t know I just don´t like it as much a I liked it before and the products I received lately just are not overwhelming I´ll cancel it and will see if I want to have a new abo in the future...

Well back to the feel good edition


Certified organic eyeliner pencil in snowflake

This eyeliner can be worn all day and all night and it won´t slip off the eye.
It is amazing that this a product full of certified organic ingredients.
This works best when sharpened before use. It has also been designed to work specifically with Marks eye shadows for extra good blending. Gently glides the pencil on the edge of the lash line and you can apply to the top, bottom or both.
White eyeliners are alway amaaazing to open up your eyes. This one is amazing, because t is super soft and it lasts so long.

Photo-hydra day

Much more than a moisturiser, Photo-Hydra day is the first cream to use energy
from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturises it.
It is a deeply hydrating moisturiser which smoothes an re-plumps the skin.

Dove DermaSpa intensive body lotion

This luxurious body lotion from Dove DermaSpa transforms dry skin, leaving it even-looking, lumious and velvety soft.
I like this, my skin feel super soft after using it and I think I can say that after using this one week every day my skin feels better in general ;) So give it a try, its so important to care for your skin during this time of the year.

Aroma shower gel
sorry forgot to take pis of it ;)
This is in an amazing practical travel size and will also fit in your hand luggage.
This shower gel vitalizes and stimulates your life spirits through the natural essential oils of lemon and Litsea Cubeba. The caring oils give your skin a soft suppleness and protect it from dryness
This is an amazing product and I love using this. It always lifts my mood when I use it, because it has such a fresh smell and its quite fun tho ;)

Catrice cosmetics
Even skin tone beautifying foundation

The long lasting and caring foundation creates evidentially a visibly more even skin tone. It instantly covers dark spots, imperfections and redness and reveals a radiant matt finish.
After 8 weeks already, it visibly brightens dark spots - clinically proven. For more beautiful and healthy looking radiant skin.

- and two goodies -

dalan d´Olive
à Huile d´Olive Creme intense Mains&Corps

have not tried this little guy yet ;) will soon and tell you all about it


this is an amazing little thing.
I love the colour, it such an amazing vibrant, neon orange

Aaand that is everything
I am so sorry that I am writing this now and that there was no blogpost in such along time
I hope it is okay for you, but most of you probably know how you feel after a bad break up and that you don´t feel like blogging with a broken heart.

I am back now and have so many plans for the next weeks ;)
I hope you have an amazing week and a wonderful christmas time


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