Glossy Box November - The golden 20´s edition

Well I know the December box is already here and I am still sooo late, but before I review the winter edition, I just don´t want to miss this one ;)

The golden 20´s Edition

this box came with a special wrapping ;) very pretty

About the content:
I am really not too sure about how good most of the products fit to the theme, but...well

Bronzing Powder

This bronzing powder combines a golden glow with amazing skin care and thanks to its velvety consistency it enables an even application and a beautiful, natural tan. It gives you a radiant look.
How damn gold is this stuff. Is this really a looks more like a gorgeous golden eyeshadow to me ;) its an amazing colour and the consistency is very nice...just I don´t know...for a bronzer??? ;)

eyeshadow glossy mauve

This is a very pretty colour and I really like the consistency of this eyeshadow...I really don´t know where you can get glossybox beauty products but if you know go and get this shadow ;) its amazing

etre belle cosmetics
Golden Skin roll-on caviar eye gel

The Gold Caviar Complex, combined with the active firming ingredient pullulan, smoothes, soothes and pampers a stressed eye area immediately.
The cool, refreshing gel consistency donated maximum moisture and reduces swollen eyelids.
The eye area looks visibly refreshed, strengthened and radiant, full of youthful freshness.
Just apply it in the morning/evening with the applicator ball on the eye area and then pat the product gently into the skin.
Well one major problem...I hate the smell!!!
and you know how important it is for me that everything I put on my face has to smell in a way I like.
I don´t know if I´ve used too much and that that is the problem, but as I tried it on the back of my hand it was terrible. 
Well the smell aside, the skin feels really nice, very soft and comfortable =D


This toothpaste is meant to make your teeth white. Its clinically tested that this toothpast makes your teeth whiter after the first time you use it. The packaging also says that the white is there after the first use but also a limited thing.
Well how much can you say about a tooth paste...I have not tried it yet and am very very picky when it comes to choosing one. Actually I am using the same toothpaste since...probably ever and I am not very adventurous when it comes to trying anything else ;)

Lip butter

Well all I can say about this strange is this?
You are supposed to do a kissing mouth and kind of glide over your lips with the little frog...
Honestly I really don´t is melting in your hand before you are even near your lips and then its not that amazing...
Don´t know not too convinced ;)

And that is already everything peeps ;)
I know its pretty short and not a deep review at all...its more like a first impressions thing and yes I know I´m having this box pretty long...but ya well ;)

I hope you like it, do you know any of those products and tell me your thoughts ;)

Have an amazing week and a very Merry Christmas :)


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