Skin Care Change for Autumn

So its fall...full an autumn and its getting colder and colder and that means skin is changing
especially in what it needs and how it feels.
That all generally means you have to treat it in a different way and change your skin care ;)
So I though I´ll do a little post on what I do and how I change the routine in this wonderful time of the year :)

I think, and I did it myself, that skin care change during this time of the year is a pretty overlooked thing.
Actually you can can do it just like you are changing your wardrobe, you change this too in autumn, do you ;)
So your regular skin care system may not be a all-year-round deal
you got to protect your complexion against the elements, the environmental conditions of where you live can impact the way your skin behaves, so pay attention ladies.
Plus because of the different seasons many have a seasonal diet, conscious of it or not, and your skin reflects the things you are eating.
This all just means that it all depends on where you live and how your skin responds on the changing environmental conditions.
Keep your eyes open and go with the seasons change.

There are a few basic things happening to your skin during this time of the year.
Typically the change of seasons means a change in skins behavior, often resulting in dryness, breakouts and a general lackluster appearance.

Dryness is the problem

As soon as it gets colder you need to add more moisturising products to your beauty routine.
Also you´ll need a gentle cleanser that hydrates and not drain. Also don´t forget the rest of your body :)


Together with increasing dryness comes a bigger sensitivity.
Your skin becomes more susceptible to the environment, also maybe just let it have a break, more about this later.
I found this, said by dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban:
"When you improve this liquid barrier and give it a rest from potential irritants (like scrubs or acids) skin can get busy with other duties, like building collagen." So skip aggressive treatments for a bit and try exfoliation a little less and concentrate on gentle cleansing and moisturising.
That leads me to point three.

Summer after shock

After the summer and its strong and omnipresent sun you have sun damage, I have (sun spots, signs of ageing). So its your job now the repair those, especially if you spent a lot of time in sun or on the beach.
An other thing you probably have to deal with after summer are larger pores. Sun and heat stimulate them to produce more oil which fill up and stretches out pores, together with dirt and keratin.
"UVA radiation weakens and breaks down collagen and elastin and this makes pores even more dilated." says Dr. Ellen Marmur.
Look for peels, serums r hydrators with salicyclic acids to clean out pores.

Vulnerability and sun damage

Never ever forget this.
Sun is sill strong in this time of the year even if its getting cold outside.
I know its easy to forget, but don´t. Always try to wear a moisturiser with SPF when ever you are outside/doing outside activities.


Next to dryness and sensibility the cold weather also has the affect that your blood vessels could be constricted and this can hinder circulation. That could make your complexion look sallow and to ensure that you don´t loose your glow you should look for antioxidants, i.e. in rosemary, ginseng extract and peppermint

After all these things you have many options from which you can choose to work against this

Change your moisturiser all over

Every skin gets dryer in autumn/winter. Oilier skin does and so does dryer, even if it is a bigger deal for those of us having a dry an sensitive skin.
Meaning you´ll need more hydration than in the summer. Brisk temperatures and biting wind mean its a good time to reach for powerful and thicker moisturisers, heavier duty creams girl. :)
With the wind also comes less humidity in the air, inside and outside this means skin loses moisture easily. So try to use products that help to restore the barrier of the skin, like something that releases moisture into the skin for a long time.

So what do I do?
I always try to cleanse and tone my skin before moisturising...btw something you should do all year round ;)
Also I am trying to use products with ingredients building collagen strength and encourage natural moisture production in the deeper levels of the skin.
Also oils are amazing and products containing shea butter.
These are the things I am doing for my really dry skin, unfortunately I am not used to "How to treat other skin types, but I think its just like the oilier your skin is the less moisture you have to add, right?
What do you think?

A good rule for all of us is, in my opinion, to boost hydration. Toners are important and should be a staple in your routine. If your not using one in summer I think we all should add it now.
Plus this go heavier with your moisturiser, oily or dry skin similar.
Prevent moisture loss peeps, as soon as you feel like you skin needs it give it some ;)
A good choice would be the Caudalie "Overnight Recovery Oil" and the Origins "Drink Up INtensive Overnight mask" which I am loving.

An other thing to change next to your moisturiser is your cleansing routine.

Most important thing you have to make sure is that you don´t use a product that is drying at all. During summer I like using foam cleansers and I love them for their deep cleaning in autumn otherwise I really want to make sure that those are not drying at al, even if I never use drying cleansers or even try to ;)
So in the mornings I try to used non-drying and cleansers in the morning and lotion based ones at night. So I get deep cleansing plus a lotion one which is milder.

I am using the The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (for info click here) at the moment and
an other one which is amazing is the Clinique - "Take the day off" cleansing balm

Scrub it all away gently

First thing to say is:
Be careful with your scrub during the transit from summer to autumn, but don´t stop exfoliation completely, you still don´t want parched, flaky skin.
I would recommend not to use it more often than once a week, max twice...absolute max.
Be absolute gentle to your skin and don´t over do it to the rest of your body, never. For scaly tough spots (elbows/bottom of feet) you can go in a little more.
Still exfoliating with reveal a healthier glow and thats why we want to remove all the dry skin cells and flakes ;)
But next to all the "Be-careful-talk" there are still somethings to say why it is also important.
Exfoliation is imperative when it comes to repairing and brightening the complexion. For silky, smooth skin, a well formulated facial scrub is a must. It also is essential to reduce breakouts and remove dead skin cels that trap oil. Also it helps to lift skin discoloration, remove dull, tired, dry skin and encourage fresher, plumper cells to form - flawless finish

Start the mask game all over again

An important thing to mention after exfoliation is masks :) and it is a fun thing.
After everything I already said I could repeat myself because the mask is just doing the same ;)
Replenishing the skin, controlling the oil and nourishing the skin - all necessary ;)
Using a mask weekly is just a very simple way to ensure that you can cover all these concerns.
But same here change the kind of mask you are using.
Water based gel masks are best for hydration the skin which makes the beneficial for oily skin types where the goal is to add water to the skin and not oil, also good for cooling and soothing redness in sensitive skin as well as soothing sunburns.
If you´re feeling dryness try cream masks with moisturising oils that help to deeply hydrate.

Listen to your skin

After all that I only have one little thing which kind of is the base of the whole thing.
Regardless of seasons skin is constantly changing and adapting to whatever comes.
Your skin will tell you what it need so you only have to listen and watch closely. Tightness, dryness, sensitivity or breakouts increasing are all signs that your current routine is not providing everything your skin needs and that you have to change something. Weather it is because of seasonal changes or not.
Just pay attention and everything is going to be all right, work with it and it´ll tell you everything it needs.

Seasonal changes can definitely create change in the skin and so by following and thinking about my tips and changing up your skin-care routine I think you can look a feel the best :)

Well what do you think?
Anything to add here? Do you do things different? Any tips for me? ;)
I also did a little research and I thought I´d share my sources 123,  45

I hope you enjoyed this and that you learned a little bit...I did whilst researching a lot ;)
I know its a little late in autumn to write this but I really wanted to and you can still do a lot in changing :)
If you are interested in how to change your haircare routine go over to Josie´s blog she wrote and amazing post about it :) click here

I know its a pretty boring post to read with out any pics and so on but ;) its pure information :D and I will try to add some soon ;) keep coming back for them ;D


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