Real Techniques - The core collection | a Review

And finally I am writing this review ;)
I actually realised that I still have not written a Zoeva brushes review tho...
coming soon =D promise ;)

But for today its Real Techniques Brushes
This is the core collection by Sam & Nic Chapman containing the
detailer brush + pointed foundation brush + buffing brush + you get them in a panoramic case

This is a set which is loved since a pretty long time. I wanted to try Real Technique brushed pretty long but honestly they aren´t the most bargainous stuff you can get...of cause there are more than worth the money ;)
There are four brushed in this set and my favourite is definitely the buffing this is a brush to fall for ;) but lets start with the smallest one

Detailer Brush
With this brush you get a precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas
or use it with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
I am not too used to this brush in general...have not used it often enough to say anything special ;)
I honestly think this would also make a good eye brush...even if it is a little stiff and uncomfortable for that

Pointed Foundation Brush
Use it with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
This brush is amazing in any area which is a little harder to treat like around the nose or the eyes
I think its not too easy to use and I am not using it too often, but that is probably only because I am loving the buffing brush so much ;)

Contour Brush
This brush delicately applies highlighter to contour
or create a sheer soft-focus finish
This is a super soft brush which I love. Its so nice and easy to use. Well I am not so much into that whole contouring game but I love it for highlighting and its nice for powdering and blushes and and and just a over all nice brush :)

Buffing brush
Its ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
So I am a huge fan of this brush and of everything it does and you can do with it.
I am not using liquid foundation 90% of the time but I love mineral/powder foundation and this one works great with all three of them. Its amazing and the skin literally looks like skin after buffing your foundation in with this brush ;)

The amazing set comes with a case which you can change into a stand for the brushes if needed ;)

Next to the pure amazingness of the brushed themselves I also LOVE the look of them, so pretty
even if I am never to sure about the two coloured bristles
...those white ends only always look dirty ;) only pretty when new

In the end I can highly recommend this set its not cheep but that for you get amazing bushes and I am always thinking with brushed you get what you pay for

So what are your experiences with those brushes?
Have you tried them or feel different about them
and should I get all the other Real Technique brushes? What to you think? =D
I love the look of bold metal collection ;) Hope I can afford a few of those soon ;)

Check out Sams and Nics Youtube
And buy the brushes on the Real Techniques site or on


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