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Real Techniques - The core collection | a Review

And finally I am writing this review ;) I actually realised that I still have not written a Zoeva brushes review tho... coming soon =D promise ;)
But for today its Real Techniques Brushes This is the core collection by Sam & Nic Chapman containing the detailer brush + pointed foundation brush + buffing brush + you get them in a panoramic case

This is a set which is loved since a pretty long time. I wanted to try Real Technique brushed pretty long but honestly they aren´t the most bargainous stuff you can get...of cause there are more than worth the money ;)
There are four brushed in this set and my favourite is definitely the buffing this is a brush to fall for ;) but lets start with the smallest one

Detailer Brush
With this brush you get a precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas
or use it with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
I am not too used to this brush in general...have not used it often enough to say anything special ;)
I honestly think thi…

Skin Care Change for Autumn

So its fall...full an autumn and its getting colder and colder and that means skin is changing
especially in what it needs and how it feels. That all generally means you have to treat it in a different way and change your skin care ;) So I though I´ll do a little post on what I do and how I change the routine in this wonderful time of the year :)

I think, and I did it myself, that skin care change during this time of the year is a pretty overlooked thing.
Actually you can can do it just like you are changing your wardrobe, you change this too in autumn, do you ;)
So your regular skin care system may not be a all-year-round deal
you got to protect your complexion against the elements, the environmental conditions of where you live can impact the way your skin behaves, so pay attention ladies.
Plus because of the different seasons many have a seasonal diet, conscious of it or not, and your skin reflects the things you are eating.
This all just means that it all depends on where you liv…