The reading challenge - No.14 - a book by an author you love

Well...finally I am 100% behind the timetable...and honestly I don´t care...sorry...
I am still thinking this whole reading challenge thing should be fun not obligation :)

Today I am going to talk about the category a book more than 100 years old
For this category I chose Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll which is from 1865


Honestly I don´t think that I have to say too much about the story, have I. Its a classic ever since and I am 100% sure every single one of you reading this knows the story in one or another version.

I actually really love this original version very is slightly different to many modern ones...but not significant I think. Alice falls down a rabbit hole, eats -Eat Me´s- grows bigger and smaller and finally gets through the small door into wonderland where she experiences many adventures with all of our well known Wonderland-friends :) 

I am so sad that it took so long until I read the original version, I love how it is written and I am always so impressed by the endless fantasy in this story and the naive and happy Alice how thinks that everything is possible and that she isn´t surprised my so many things which would seem impossible to us ;) like is it special that you eat a biscuit and grow super big or tiny ;)

9 out of 10??? not sure could also be a 10/10...I liked it and I am sick of rating a little ;) haha...sorry
Have you read it yet? - the original
let me know if you don´t know the story of cause I will tell you anything  :D

Next is the book by an author I love
I have many authors I love but I chose Lori Nelson Spielman and her book Sweet Forgiveness.
I loved the Life list, which is I think her first book, so much it is amazing


Who is you favourite author???
Really I want to know :D



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