Taaj Himalaja Micellare Water | a Review

And its Review time again :) I love writing these so much ;)
Today its about a product I am using for a pretty long time now and there are probably 100s of reviews about this out there on the interwebs...but I love this and am about to repurchase it so a review seemed to be appropriate ;)

I don´t think this brand is too well known...especially in germany
...over here you can only get them on amazon
is the link to where I got it

This stuff is simply amazing - just everything you could ever wish for in a make up remover.
My skin needed I think about two or three days...maybe four until my skin got used to it. 
I really  have the most sensitive skin...probably said this more than enough in earlier reviews ;)
So if you have such skin too...just so you know it could be that its a little bit irritated the first few times you use this but like I said it does not take long until it gets used to it and it never was actually bad...just a little irritated felling which vanished after 5 minutes and no marks or anything just a little redness ;) I can not be too bad if I love this stuff so much, can it ;)

The Taaj Website says:
"all skin types - Doshas Vata, Pitta et Kapha. The active ingredients: Rosemary, Green Tea, Water from the HImalayas, Chamomile. The Micellar Water cleans and removes makeup and impurities in one step. It particularly suits eye contour thanks to its soothing and antioxidant properties.
How to use: Apply morning and/or night to face, eyes and neck with a cotton pad. Repeat until the cotton pad is perfectly clean. No need to rinse. 
Tip: Can be used in relay of acneic treatments to rehydrate an assaulted skin. Let rest on eyes to relieve congestion. Results: Perfectly clean, skin is soft and supple. Complexion is fresh and radiant."
You can get it in a 500ml bottle or in a 100ml travel size.

I´ve got the 500ml bottle nearly a year ago and still have something left...you really don´t need much of it to remove your make up in the evening. Its so easy and fast...I really don´t want to use anything else ever again ;) and the prize is really good for what you get :) And my skin always feels soo make up free...thats one of the best things...what do you want with stuff which does not leave your skin feeling cleansed.

Yay so what do you think about this stuff? Tried it yet are ever heard of Taaj?
I really highly recommend this Micellar Water - very loved over here ;)


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