Sleek Blush by 3 | a Review

a new friday a new review for you guys :)
Today about the blushers from Sleek - to be precise the 
Blush by 3 Blush Palette

I´ve got the palette in Lace, Sugar and Pumpkin
You can get them in five other colours
Santa Marina, Californ.I.A., Flame, Pink Lemonade and Pink Sprint
those are amazing probably a purchase soon ;)
Whilst doing research I realised that the colours of the sugar palette is actually called after sugar
so some more research and every colours names actually fit to the palettes name ;)

The three colours are Crochet - Guipure - Chantilly

From left to right these are the laces, the colours are named after. All so pretty and all french :)

This palette is definitely my favourite of those three and the most used either.
Crochet is a very nice tangerine orange colour with a matte finish, Guipure is the most lovely blusher I have ever seen in my life, its a pink shade with a rosy-golden shimmer and also a super nice highlighter. Last but not least is Chantilly which is a stunning matte coral
IN this palette you basically have every shade you need for blusher.

In here the colours are Turbinado - Muscovado - Demerara

Same thing here from left to right are the different kinds of sugar

This is a really amazing collection of shades, just my taste actually :)
The colours are so autumnal/wintery and just not too bright ;)
Turbinado is a warm red shade with a berryish touch and brown and plum undertones. Its a gorgeous matte shade and it leaves a nice rosy flush on your cheeks.
Muscovado is a warm brown tone with an incredible pretty golden shimmer. Its such a nice terracotta bronze with a pretty strong red undertone. Its also kind of a darker highlighter, it just leaves the nicest golden shimmer on the skin. Its so strongly pigmented that you really have to be careful when you apply it to your cheeks, a teeny tiny amount is more than enough.
And Demerara. This is truly an amazing shade and so subtle and pretty. A matte orangy-brown shade very light and it leaves just the nicest touch of colour to your cheeks ;) even I love this

Colours: Lantern - Squash - P Pie 

well I´m sure you can imagine a lantern and the others ;)

These colours are bright ;) I am very rarely using this actually, the colours are really pretty tho...don´t know why ;) Lantern is a really pretty red shade, a satin dark coral like colour with a golden shimmer to it, Squash in the middle is a wonderful, pretty, bright pink and then P Pie a hot orange with a matte finish. Lantern and Squash also have such a nice satin/shimmery finish on the skin, so pretty :)
I´ll be honest with you...I am really not one of those beauty girls how are addicted to blushers...actually they are my least favourite beauty product of them all...since I have really pink cheeks naturally I am more trying to cover the redness that to put blusher on my cheeks to make them look healthy...the colour is there all the time. So bright blush colours are not my fave at all.

These blushers are simply amazing, everything about them.
Each blush trio is housed in a sturdy, black plastic case. The mirror inside has a perfect size not a single inch of wasted space in this palette
They are super highly pigmented, honestly really strong colours and the shades are so pretty

Also the paper packaging is so pretty...I kept it ;) It says:
"The Blush by "3" Palette has been formulated with intense pigment, yet the shades can be layered, in order to achieve the required intensity."

I really love that the names of the colours are really thoughtful and not just randomly chosen names.
Its always so nice if you discover such little things, cause those are the most amazing ones and the ones which make your life better so easily :D

Do you have experiences with these blushers?
Which is your favourite one and should I get the others?


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