My take On The ’70s - FOTD

And here I am back from...nowhere...I literally have not been anywhere
There was just way to much I had to deal with so that there was no time left for any blogposts
and I missed it so much...honestly its a strange feeling if you think back to you past-self and remember that "I don´t want to blog" feeling. 
Basically...because I want to be honest with you and because it always helps me so much to read about this from others how have to deal with the same problems I do...I had huge troubles with anxiety lately which makes it hard to deal with anything but laying in bed and sleep, but this post is not about this so back to the topic :)

Since the 70´s have a big revival this year I really wanted to get into it and I did a little research about this whole decade and its amazing trends. Since my budget is to small to change my whole wardrobe to a 70s one I went for a easier option and tried what I could create with my makeup collection.

So my inspirations have basically been google and several blogs
like inthegloss and this one which is an amazing post btw
I learned all bout the creativity and experimental vibe during this time and that colours have been a huge thing to try out...just for example:

Twiggy, of cause, was an other inspiration for this look ;)
even if I have to say that those lower lashes are a hard one to draw :D


The face-makeup was simple and unobtrusive. The only thing I saw on every pic are very blushed cheeks.
So pink blusher was definitely a favourite :)

Clinique Moisture Search
Rimmel Weak Me up Foundation
Rimmel Wake me up Concealer
Maybelline Eye Eraser in light
 Manhattan 2 in1 Perfect Teint in 20 Peach
Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin
Zoeva brushes 106, 127, 102


The eyes where the center of every look. There was no colour which was not allowed...even not colourful looks where dark or just very boho and wild. But the majority was just as colourful as possible.

UrbanDecay Primer Potion
Manhattan Collection Eyeshadow in Turquoise Parfait
Sleek iDivine Palette in Vintage Romance Colour Pretty in Paris
L´oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision in black
Jofrika Aqua Easy Cup in black
Maybelline Lash Sensational
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Date NIght lashes 
Zoeva Brushes 227, 317, 234
Emite Makeup brush in E144


The lips where really simple that time...I hardly found any pic with an other lip colour than pink or nude so I decided to go for

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipgloss in I found Nemo mixed with Picnic in the Park

so  Halloween is about a creepy macro eye pic???

So what do you think...besides my crapy twiggy lashes?
I actually tried it 3 times and after the 4th I decided to leave it like it was ;) haha
I will keep on trying :) would you like to see a full twiggy recreating her signature eye?

Yes so don´t forget to leave a comment and a follow :)
See you soon have a wonderful evening lovelies :D


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