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Sleek Blush by 3 | a Review

a new friday a new review for you guys :) Today about the blushers from Sleek - to be precise the  Blush by 3 Blush Palette

I´ve got the palette in Lace, Sugar and Pumpkin You can get them in five other colours
Santa Marina, Californ.I.A., Flame, Pink Lemonade and Pink Sprint
those are amazing probably a purchase soon ;)
Whilst doing research I realised that the colours of the sugar palette is actually called after sugar
so some more research and every colours names actually fit to the palettes name ;)

I  Lace The three colours are Crochet - Guipure - Chantilly

From left to right these are the laces, the colours are named after. All so pretty and all french :)

This palette is definitely my favourite of those three and the most used either.
Crochet is a very nice tangerine orange colour with a matte finish, Guipure is the most lovely blusher I have ever seen in my life, its a pink shade with a rosy-golden shimmer and also a super nice highlighter. Last but not least is Cha…

My take On The ’70s - FOTD

And here I am back from...nowhere...I literally have not been anywhere There was just way to much I had to deal with so that there was no time left for any blogposts and I missed it so much...honestly its a strange feeling if you think back to you past-self and remember that "I don´t want to blog" feeling.  Basically...because I want to be honest with you and because it always helps me so much to read about this from others how have to deal with the same problems I do...I had huge troubles with anxiety lately which makes it hard to deal with anything but laying in bed and sleep, but this post is not about this so back to the topic :)
Since the 70´s have a big revival this year I really wanted to get into it and I did a little research about this whole decade and its amazing trends. Since my budget is to small to change my whole wardrobe to a 70s one I went for a easier option and tried what I could create with my makeup collection.

So my inspirations have basically been goo…

Taaj Himalaja Micellare Water | a Review

And its Review time again :) I love writing these so much ;) Today its about a product I am using for a pretty long time now and there are probably 100s of reviews about this out there on the interwebs...but I love this and am about to repurchase it so a review seemed to be appropriate ;)

I don´t think this brand is too well known...especially in germany ...over here you can only get them on amazon - here-  is the link to where I got it
This stuff is simply amazing - just everything you could ever wish for in a make up remover. My skin needed I think about two or three days...maybe four until my skin got used to it.  I really  have the most sensitive skin...probably said this more than enough in earlier reviews ;) So if you have such skin too...just so you know it could be that its a little bit irritated the first few times you use this but like I said it does not take long until it gets used to it and it never was actually bad...just a little irritated felling which vanished after 5…

The reading challenge - No.14 - a book by an author you love

Well...finally I am 100% behind the timetable...and honestly I don´t care...sorry... I am still thinking this whole reading challenge thing should be fun not obligation :)
Today I am going to talk about the category a book more than 100 years old For this category I chose Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll which is from 1865

Honestly I don´t think that I have to say too much about the story, have I. Its a classic ever since and I am 100% sure every single one of you reading this knows the story in one or another version.
I actually really love this original version very is slightly different to many modern ones...but not significant I think. Alice falls down a rabbit hole, eats -Eat Me´s- grows bigger and smaller and finally gets through the small door into wonderland where she experiences many adventures with all of our well known Wonderland-friends :) 
I am so sad that it took so long until I read the original version, I love how it is written and I am alwa…

Essie: Wicked | a Review

Its a shorty but a goodie today about one of my favourite nail polishes especially for autumn

Its the Essie Wicked
a just wicked colour ;)

It is such an amazing color, a very nice super-dark red color with a browny hint to it ;) I love it so much :) and it is a super nice autumnal colour It looks nice with any colour I combined it with...until now ;) and it stays on veeeery well its like...a less eye catching black know ;) you see it quite well on the picture above it looks different in every it if something like this happens with a nailpolish ;) its like getting three polishes in one :) haha
 If you are looking for a colour which is kind of neutral and sooooo autumnal and wintery - this is the one to go for  ;) 
which is your favourite nail polish for autumn/winter?