The reading challenge - No.13 - a book more than 100 years old

back to the books :)
Are you still with me...I am never too sure if anyone is interested in these book-review-posts
Well never the less let me know  what you think ;)

Today shortly about the book with a antonym in the title
The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
a classic and actually more a little children´s book ;)

I liked it very much its a well known story and a classic which is known by probably everyone of you
The story is basically about two boys a prince and a pauper set in 1547 ;)

pic source

First published in 1881 in Canada. The book represents twains first adaption on historical fiction

pic source
Mark Twain

The two boys in the story are pauper Tom Hardy and Edward prince of wales, son of king Henry VIII. They look incredibly similar and are the same ages, which gets the story going in the first place.
Tom always dreamed of being a prince since he started to read the book of a priest who helps him escape from his violent father once in a while. On day his feet carry him to the royal castle where he meets the prince of england who invites him to come inside. He is completely fascinated by Tom and Toms wish of meeting a prince is fulfilled. In a mood and as a joke the change clothes and realise how incredibly similar the an accident and in rage the prince runs outside to talk to a guard, dressed as a pauper and so the guard thinks he is joking and throws him out of the castle. And the mess was complete. Nobody believes neither the prince nor the pauper that they are not the ones everybody believes and so they have to manage to live the other ones life and try to get their ones left, because they realise how amazing it actually was.
Will they get their life´s back?

Thats the story cut short...they both experience great adventures and have many challenges to fight...and they learn a lot of those very different worlds they live in.

I will give it a 8 out of 10
its a fun little story and I liked it very much :)

The next category is: A book more than 100 years old.
I think I will go with a Shakespeare one. Maybe not too sue yet, but finding a book for this category is pretty simple tho ;) Just go by the author and you´ll find one.
Gustave Flaubert
Oscar Wilde
Charles Dickens
Robert Louis Stevenson
Arthur Conan Doyle
Jonathan Swift
Dante Alighieri - and all the other old greeks
Jane Austin
The Bronte Sisters
and so many others how lived and wrote around 1800-1900
These are just some classic examples you can choose from and there are so many amazing stories

Soo...ya thats it for today and I hope you liked it ;)
What is your actual category and which one was your antonym book?
Have a lovely evening an enjoy your time ;)
Until tomorrow :)



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