The reading challenge - No.11 - a book with antonyms in the title

this is a fun little post to write and when I say little I mean little.
I am actually struggling with this reading thing...two book in one week is a lot...especially if the situation appears that you have to fore yourself to read...I desided that in the moment I am not enjoying this anymore and only force myself to do this I´ll stop it.
Honestly that just is not the goal of this challenge - I has to be fun.

Okay after this little disclaimer...I hope you all agree
Back to the topic

The book to review today is a book from my childhood. 
I was not the biggest bookworm as a child, actually I never read...never every...way to boring
I was a outside, running through the forrest child not a sitting at home reading.
So the only book I can remember reading that time of my life is
Pippi Longstocking

pic source
this is the copy I was reading and enjoying

I have a little trilogy of Pippi books
The basic story, one about traveling stories and the taka-tuka land story

I thought lets see how much time you have to read and did not force myselfe to read all three of them...then I could also make a tick at the trilogy category ;)

I read one for pure enjoyment and I loved it ;) so I´ll come back for the other two and make it to the trilogy today - two categories: childhood and trilogy

pic source

Astrid Lindgren

You all know the Pippi story...Her being introduced with her red hair and potato nose and the time she leaves her father and moves into Villekulla Cottage and gets to know Tommy and Annika.

I always love Pippi Longstocking, everything about her. Her horse and monkey, her house and lifestyle, her strength and the way she handles things ;)
Altogether I love Astrid Lindgren :D she is my favourite children's book author ;)

10 out of 10 people :)
Also I am in LOve with the old classic movie...still one of my faves

Whats to come next:
Category: A book with antonyms in the title
I actually wanted to go for war and peace by Lew Tolstoi...honestly...but I tryed to be honest with myself too and I knew..."You will never ever finish this in half a week...never"
So I did a little research which other book there are and desided to go for Mark Twains "The Prince and the Pauper"

pic source

other possibilities are:

1. The Beauty and the beast by Jeanne-Maria Leprince de Beaumont
2. Angles & Deamons by Dan Brown
3. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
4. The death and the life of Charlie St.Cloud by Ben Sherwood 
5. North and South by Elisabeth Gaskell

and so many others out there for this category - of cause don´t forget war and peace ;)

So do you love Pippi as much as I do?
Or which one was your favourite book in your childhood?



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