Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Relaunch | a Review

Finally the day is here and I can write this little post
...I could not wait but I planned it for today and wanted to stay in my plan
...you know how much I love my lists ;)

I am 100% sure nobody missed it that Tanya redesigned her products, which look sooooooooo lovely now and I remember how impatient I was and that I could not wait until I got them.

I made a little video about them last week

or simply click here

Well and now to the closer review which, I know, is going to be so much fun to write

First of all you can get them most easily here on feelunique which is were I bought mine
there is a 3 for 2 over there at the moment

Quickly some facts:
the range includes

♥ 3 eyeshadow palettes
the fairytale + galaxy + hollywood palette

 10 lipgloss shades

from left to right:
afternoon tea, aphrodite, berry picking, champagne toast, daydream, I found nemo, just peachy, Let´s travel the world, lunch date, picknic in the park

 12 nailpolishes

 from left to right: 
bright and earl. duvet day, fairy godmother, frosting cupcakes, little duck, mini marshmallows, mischief managed, new york night, peaches and cream, penguin chick, pick and mix, riding hood

 ♥ a eyebrow-kit called Perfect Brown Palette

 4 eyelash styles
the individual lashes + date night + everyday flutter + bambi eyes

All in an absolutely gorgeous packaging!!!
I fell instantly in LOVE with everything ;) don´t know if I´ve mentioned it :D

pictures above are all from the feelunique.com website

And on to the REVIEW

I got the Hollywood Palette, Picnic in the Park & Lunch Date, Duvet Day & New York Night and the Everyday Flutter lashes and I AM IN LOVE with every single piece

Here are my beloved products and honestly I can´t wait until I can lay my hands on some more ;)
The packaging is more than cute and I love the colours. Gold and pink are a perfect, gorgeous combination and the little hearts everywhere are so lovely.

This is the Hollywood Palette and I am in LOVE
I went for this one, because I a most of the time a boring brown shades wearer ;) haha
The eye shadow palettes are a new addition to the Tanya Burr range and I am more than grateful for this decision, honestly these colours are amazing. The are super soft, quite buttery I would say and super pigmented and they look aaaaaamaziiiing on.
BTW: face of the day with all the products follows soon ;)

The four very wearable colours are:
On top: 
nude delight, which is a light, sheer base colour and gold coin, a palish, shimmery gold colour 
and below: enchantment, a very glittery golden brown and bookworm, a very warm tone which I think has a slight redy undertone to it
how cute are those names ;) 
The only colour I have to get used to, even if I love it, is enchantment. I could not make it work yet ;) its just a little to glittery...but I think its probably easier to apply it with my fingers ... because is amazingly staying on my hand. 
I could never decide which one of these colours is my fave, I love them all an you can create a perfect complete eye-look with this palette, from highlight to the darker crease ;)

And the lipglosses ♥♥♥
I´ve got Lunch Date and Picnic in the park and I love them both, such gorgeous colours.
They have y new scent not, which is according to Tanya a watermelon scent...I am always the worst in describing scents, so I only can say yes I can smell the watermelon ;) I am not too sure yet wether I prefer the old scent or the new...but I needed some time to get used to this one

Lunch Date
This is a super nice and neutral nude colour. It gives your lips more like a glossy finish that proper colour, but that is what I like so much about this lip product, because there are just times in you life when you only want some gloss and not a bright colour on your lips. Everyday approved ;)
Picnic in the Park
is a very cute and lovely bright pink. Its not to vibrant on th lips, just gives them a nice pinky glow and its super glossy and nice. As I ordered it I accidentally got six instead of one and keep your eyes peeled for a GIVEAWAY of those soon :)

The nail polishes are something I really wanted to try since ages. They have a little decorative golden lid which you have to take off...to open the polish ;)
There are so many lovely colours in the range...hardest thing to choose ;) hahaha
They are very easy to apply and stay on your nails for a very long time. You probably need more than one coat, because the formula is pretty liquidy, but that also gives you the choice of how intense you want the colour to be and it makes the polish actually easier to apply.

I went for Duvet Day (above) and New York Night (below)

Duvet Day
This is just the most gorgeous colour. At first i thought there is a light blue hint to the colour but its actually just a quite pale grey and it is absolutely stunning. Perfect combination to every other colour you could imagine and I think it goes perfect with every skin tone.
New York Night
This is a great dark purple shade. Very dark actually. But you always see the purple on your nails...unfortunately my camera could not show the colour properly...its a little lighter and more a dark purple colour, not so blackish. This is a amazing colour for this time of the year - very autumnal.

and last but not least the lashes. I´ve got the everyday flutter because they where the only ones missing in my collection and I LOVE them.
The look super natural and are more than easy to apply...and after one or two hours I didn´t feel them anymore at all.

Aren´t those products the most beautiful ever?
You get everything you could ever want from make up products. Amazing look, great quality and all of that for such a low prize! INCREDIBLE!!!

Much much much LOVE for Tanya and her amazing work.
Amazingly done.

Thank you for giving as such pure magnificence.

Do you all agree?
I hope so and which products do you love most? Which did you buy...before everything was sold out :D


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