Sprinkle of Glitter - a clothing range

It was about a week ago when Louise from A sprinkle of Glitter announced another huge thing which makes her and our life´s so much more exciting
SHe announced a new clothing range on simplybe and just could not do anything but to tell you all how amazing and lovely every piece is :)
If you read this Louise ;) congratulations :) amaze
I visited he website asap after I´ve heard...read or...I really don´remember how I heard from the announcement ;)

here a few pics from behind the scenes from the page and I loved them so much...sorry I had to share them - click here (all pics are from there)

picture right reserved to the page...I guess-these are screenshots - link above
I love the style of the clothes so much and Louise looks so lovely and beautiful - have had fun shooting, haven´t you :)

The range includes :
  • three dresses - a dungaree dress & a printed flower dress & a strappy dress
  • two skirts - a scuba skirt & netted skirt
  • a jumpsuit in a lovely purple colour with pink spits (like the dress above)
  • two tops - a wrap top & a stripy jersey top
  • a camisole with an adorable cat print
I love every single piece of he collection...really thats not often that you like every piece...I´d love to make a full youtube review with trying on and  so on...but unfortunately its not really in my budget...
The prices are not bad...its just more like...okay I buy one piece and have to dream of the rest :( probably the only down side of it...for me personally and my super small budget :)
 Here clothes are sold from size 12 to 32.

The dresses are from 60-40 £ and...okay some screenshots are probably easier for you :)

The dungaree dress is available for 40 £ and the striped top for 20
First things first - how amazing is this. Just stop a few seconds and look at this pure cuteness ;)
This is the one I´d buy straight away...no matter what even if I´d have to change it or wear it with belts and...what ever ;) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The printed flower dress for 60 £
The 50´s style is wonderful - so pretty and absolutely my taste ;) and only btw ;) I love your hair in these pics ♥ amazing

The printed Jumpsuit - 55 £

The scuba skirt for 55£ and the wrap top for 18£
LOVE.LOVE.LOVE ♥ both is absolutely heavenly. 
The print and the colours and...and...and just everything ;)

 The strappy dress is there for you - 55£
Well...Louise I know how much you love the pink spot print...but honestly it not my favourite ;) ...probably because I a just not a pink girl as much ;) The dress itself is lovely and I love this kind of dresses very much ;)

 and last but not least the netted skirt for 48£ and the camisole for 18 £
I love everything about this look :) the skirt looks so nice and float - I love skirts like this, and the colour is so nice-just very colourful but not blinding and...I don´t know...you know what I mean dont you ;) The camisole is adorable...those little kitty cats - lovely

The whole line is just so lovely and everything is pretty...its pretty hard if you are lady with a little more...well...a little more body to love and to cuddle :D to find clothes which are actually beautiful. 
Either you just find nothing...maybe a jumper here and there or a dress...which just looks like a bin bag most of the time, but in the end nearly nothing of the stuff you find is actually pretty.
Wrong patterns, horrible and oversized pieces...and even if you find something in your size than it doesn´t fit properly...the brands seem to have problems especially with sleeves...imagine what people... girls with a bigger butt also have bigger arms. 
Well I am lucky enough to find what I need in the shops most of the time...but I know its not easy for many others and I am so happy for all of those girls who struggle to have people like Louise who think about those women and does something for their self-confidence, because you are beautiful too...and I think its literally ridiculous that every expensive brand and the others too only make clothes to fit the thin people even if there are so many others who are just as good and just as wonderful as all the others.


no matter what anybody else is saying!!! And no matter what the common picture of beauty is-as long as you are healthy and feeling good - stay as you are!!!
And if you don´t have anything to dress - go and get Louise´s stuff its so pretty!
And as soon as I have the money I will do the same 



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