GlossyBox September - The Black and White Edition

A new month - a new box - a new review :)

This month the box came in a special theme again and in a special box too :D
The black and white edition and a black and white box - a lovely one btw I love the design

and I loved the content...don´t know if it is that perfect for the theme but I liked it anyway :)

in the box there is:

Emité Make up
Diamond Heart Base Primer

This is a light and enveloping primer that prepares the skin for the make-up with a illuminating formula. It evens out the skin tone and minimizes blemished and wrinkles, smoothing the complexion and giving the skin a healthy glow. Its light and comfort on the skin and gives a smooth film and velvety touch. That means i makes application of foundation easier and gives a long lasting finish. Its tiny particles that settle into wrinkles in the skin and gives a subtly luminous glow, decreasing the visibility of fine lines.
Unfortunately I have not tried this yet in anyway. It comes out as a salmony liquid and is easy to blend into the skin...on my hand ;) it has a little bit of a strange scent...don´t know yet if I like it or not :)

Benefit Cosmetics
Roller Lash

You all know this mascara and there are probably 1000 reviews out there on several blogs ;) have only tried it once and liked it...but need more time to see what I will think after using it a little longer.
This is what the benefit web site says: :)
"It´s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook´n´Roll brushed grabs, seperates, lifts and curls...whild the instant curve-setting formula hold for 12h. "

icona Milano
Nail Polish

This white nail polish is really not easy to apply or at least I am not able to apply it anyhow...the brush is strange and its incredible hard to apply a smooth coat without any stripes or know...;) peeking through
The colour is very nice tho ;) Love it...even if white is never too easy to wear ;)

Sans Soucis Marine Cellular Skin care
Cleansing milk

The mild active detergents of the cleansing milk with refresh care complex cleans in a mild and pore-deep way. The skin is pampered with a delicate and fresh scent. Suited for normal and dry skin.

Eyeshadow Stick in No. 07

The modern colour of this stick goes smooth onto the skin and they do not cake or dry out. The colour is very lovely and adds a little subtle shine and is easy buildable.

Ya guys and girls :) what do you think do you have the same pieces in your box or others?
Have you ever tried one of those products and what do you think?
Have a wonderful week and the best sunday



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