GlossyBox August - The La Dolce Vita Edition

And again a GlossyBox review :)
I feel like the last one was just a few days again I have to say...time flies by like...I dont know...way to fast ;) 
hahaha I really should stop to try to do a good comparison, like a poet :)

This month we, the glossy box fans, received a special edition again
- The La Dolce Vita Edition -

I have just a quick cool is the idea of a Mens-Box... ;) I love it
has anyone ever tried it or knows someone and give me a little review about it?

Okidoki and back to the latest box ;)
and back to the content...which is actually not my most favourite compilation of products

Happy Buddha - sweet orange and cedar
foaming shower gel sensation

Unique gel-to-foam technology. Squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand-contact with water and the gel transforms into a rich, relaxing foam. Combined the sparkling refreshment of organic Mandarin with the revitalising power of Yuzu.
I really like this, it smells so nice and feels amazing, so mega soft. It comes out in a liquidy, gel-like formula and foams up after a few seconds. Its super soft on the skin and it leaves it as soft.
The scent is fresh and very nice - just perfect for the last hot days of summer :)

Shower clean Compressed Deodorant

This deodorant is without any aluminum salts and in a compressed container which means less packaging and the same amount of deodorant that is always a good thing ;)
It has a fruity-fresh fragrance...but for some reason the scent reminds me of hairspray...
;) don´t know why.

Emité Make Up
E144 - Eye shadow brush

Information from the website: 
This is a cone-shaped brush ideal for creating depth at the eyeball. Its hair are from japanese pony.
The bristles of this brush are so super soft :D I really love it. Can´t wait to use it everyday for my make up :) Soft bristles are always one of the most important things for eye shadow brushes I think

So susan cosmetics
Haute Light-highlighting pencil

This is a universally flattering ivory cream cryon that brings your best features to light. Its made with white truffle extract and Eyeseryl® peptide to help reduce eyebags and increase skin elasticy.
Blend it onto brow bones, cheek bones and dark circles to instantly give you skin clarity and radiance. Glide down the centre of your nose and onto your cupid´s bow for multidimensional sculpted look. Use it also as a shadow base for colours that last.There are no parabens and  it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and its safe for contact lense wearers
 Can´t say too much about this yet...keep your eyes peeled for a review ;)

L´oréal Paris
Color Riche top coat in 917 Jackie tweed

ya...well what should a say...its not my favourite nail polish ever to be honest...its one of those which dry and leave the nails very abrasive...its like...I don´t know how to describe it...I kind of constantly want to scratch it of...

What do you think?  Do you think these products fit to the theme of dolce vita?...I´m not too sure
Let me know if you´d like to read any deeper reviews on these products
and have a lovely evening



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