25 Facts about me - a little weirdo in a nutshell

Hellooo you wonderful people how are you tonight?♥

Today I wanted to to a little tag which is a oldie but a goodie and I thought those of you who come here regularly and maybe want to know a little more ´bout that weirdo who is writing so much all the time ;) I hope you like it and I tag those of you to do this too who ever heard of the
25 facts about me
tag the first time today...enjoy I hope you like it! Leave a link to your facts-tag :)

I learned plenty of instruments, but never kept on learning it to perfection.
Starting from flute and orchestra bells in school I started to learned to play the cross flute, the piano and the violin. 
I also have a irish tin wistle (which a can play), a didgiredoo (which I never learned) and castanets.I also tried to teach playing the guitar to myselfe...ya well...not very long :) haha
Now I have singing lessons for classical singing for 5 years now...or even longer :D

I am loving rain, kind of ;)
When ever I am spending a night at home snuggled up and cuddling with my bf I hope for rain and a massive thunderstorm

I cant smell or see raw courgette. I makes me feel sick.

I am a shy person...or at least it can appear so. But I love meeting new people and you really only have to talk to me -
yes I will answer and I warm up pretty quick

I like to call myself an artist and musican...even if am probably not

Most south I´ve ever been was Gibraltar, most north Giants Causway in northern Ireland...is Londonderry further to the north? Most east was Crete (also my first holyday ever...I was 1) and most west was New York

I love sketching and painting-its so calming and I love to paint with my hands and get rid of all the bottled-up emotions through it

Sometimes I think I am multi-tasking too much.

I hate to shop for new trousers...its frustrating 

I love fresh fruit...the best ever summer snack is cooled water melon

I love dancing and I ever did.
First ever dancing experience I remember is me dancing on a statge at my aunts wedding and falling down of it (not hurting myself at all)
...it also seems to be the thing every relative meeting me after many years is saying to me
...aren´t you the little darling falling of the stage at the wedding...well yes I am thanks ;)

The more I know you and the more I fell comfortable the more weird and crazy I get...
especially with my sister around :) haha ya I know I am a weirdo, but every woman in my family from my mothers side is like that ;) you can have a lot of fun with us

I love trying new things :) Especially food-wise...I really should be a food blogger ;) haha 

I am always late and everybody always has to wait for me...I hate it but no matter how hard I try...always 5 minutes late.

I love pretty much every weather - hot and cold - what ever there comes I will love it...well most of the time ;)
But I´d rather choose cooler temperatures....thats probably where 16. comes from

My favourite country I visited so far is Ireland...I´ve been there 5 times and I will come back, be aware ;)  there is no place I did not like ;)

I love gaming...once in a while :) playstaion, xbox, pc...what ever there will come ;)
I had a purple transparent gamyboy colour and that was my first ever gaming...thing

I am a pretty claustrophobic person...sometimes its worse and sometimes its better, but its never so bad that I cant use an elevator or anything like it, but I don´t like crowded clubs or other too crowded rooms...its okay if its open air...like a festival...I´d always rather prefere a good chilled pub or a bar

I love the smell of fresh flowers and freshly cut grass so much I could smell it all the time

I have 71 nail polishes...and no not two of them are the same shade...even if iI know thats way too much :D haha

I am studying interior architekture/design and I loooove interiors in general.
I am very anxious about working after uni, because I really don´t know in which direction I want specialise and if I am good enough to work as an interiour designer or where the hell I am going to end up

My middle name is Michaela...so I am Verena Michaela :)
and I am named after my godfather who´s name is Michael

I LOVE cooking an baking soooo much. I could do it aaall the time and try every single recipe in the world...lately I love Jamie Oliver most and all the recipes he makes...genius
I especially Love cooking for friends and family, its such a nice thing and believe me I can cook and you really want to become one of my friends only for cooking nights ;)
yes I am being very confidet of me and probably a little pretentious here ;)

my joints (I hope that is the right word ;)) are the wackiest things. I to roll one's ankles all the time as a child and my shoulder...well I wont start about that...would take ages...only one word: dislocating

My first heartthrob was Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings films - Viggo Mortensen...
I was 11 and yes he was around 45...well ya know...I have no explanation...and I dont need one okay ;) haha

And these are 25 facts about me which prove even more how weird I am ;)
I hope you liked this slightly more personal post today. There are so many other blogger who have
done this already and I cant wait to hear 25 facts about you :)

So I hope you have a lovely time and that I can red many many lovely comments 
...and ya...a small little apology for those weird pictures...went a little crazy there haha...but I though maybe you´ll need a little something to laugh :)



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