15 things I love and want Tuesday #1 - Topshop Edition

Good evening :)
How are you? ;) Did anything special happen in your life e today?
I though about what I could share with you today and I though how about a little inspiration on what´s new in the stores online and what I absolutely love and want ;)

At first I wanted to do a mix and match of nice stuff from beauty to interior stuff
...but after my brows on the Topshop page I actually had to narrow it down...so today
The Topshop Edition of this little series.

1 - I am in love with this parka - looks like the perfect thing for this time of the year - 1
2 - these trousers are probably the most seen thing from Topshop ;) I loved them for years now... - 2
3 - Oh these trousers are soooo lovely, totally in trend with this 70´s thing at the mo and a absolute love thing for me
4 - is that christmassy or what - LOVE - and this little peter pan collar :D
5 -so nice shoes...but probably not the perfect autumn shoes ;) - 5
6 - love the print and ya you know how much I love this kind of tops ♥
7 - ya I know more 70´s is not possible ;) but I love the colour and the cut - so nice
8 - never too sure if I can rock the dusters...or if I am too small, but I like them and the pattern is so gorgeous
9 - ♥♥♥ probably the biggest want here ;) next to the overall 13 ;) how cut is this top - 9
10 - same thing as 8...can you be too small for long jumpsuits? Every single one I tried looked rubbish on me -10
11 - Honestly...I wanted one of these since the first days of Gilmore Girls ;) haha
12 - again...are those okay for small people? I think so if you like it-the others will like it :D
13 - and the one and only dungarees - so gorgeous and probably the cutest thing ever - A big WANT - 13

also found these two...after I made the collage..so left is 14 and right is 15 ;)

14 - always loved little chunky boot like those - 14
15 - can you wear those in autumn? Or will you end up with blue toes?

What do you think about my choices?
Of cause there are millions of amazing pieces...okay be only hundreds...and I´d love to buy them all...but unfortunately my budget is not even enough for one... so I keep on dreaming and hoping that one day I can safe enough money to treat my self to one gorgeous piece :)
Which one is your favourite Topshop piece ever???



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