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GlossyBox September - The Black and White Edition

A new month - a new box - a new review :)
This month the box came in a special theme again and in a special box too :D The black and white edition and a black and white box - a lovely one btw I love the design

and I loved the content...don´t know if it is that perfect for the theme but I liked it anyway :)

in the box there is:

Emité Make up Diamond Heart Base Primer

This is a light and enveloping primer that prepares the skin for the make-up with a illuminating formula. It evens out the skin tone and minimizes blemished and wrinkles, smoothing the complexion and giving the skin a healthy glow. Its light and comfort on the skin and gives a smooth film and velvety touch. That means i makes application of foundation easier and gives a long lasting finish. Its tiny particles that settle into wrinkles in the skin and gives a subtly luminous glow, decreasing the visibility of fine lines.
Unfortunately I have not tried this yet in anyway. It comes out as a salmony liquid and is easy to blend …

The L´oréal Paris Mega Volume Collagen 24h Black Smoke Mascara | a Review

Wow that title is quite a mouthful ;)  I´ve been planing to write this review for so long now, because I´ve been loving this Mascara all year now and that means
Yay that is an amazing thing I am quite picky with my mascaras in general and writing such a excited review means a lot ;)

It has an incredible formula which is enriched with collagen biospheres and has black booster pigments  to achieve breathtaking individual lash by lash volume

the wand is incredibly good, slightly bent and there are pretty many bristles on and it works very good
...not very good...breathtaking good ;)
one coat
two coats
fully applied + plus lower lashes ;)
oh and btw... I am so rubbish in applying mascara without applying it to my skin too... I tried to remove most of it...but there are a few spots left...SORRY also it looks better in real it seams like I am rubbish in taking pictures too ;)
Its not super easy to apply properly but I love the look and the mate black so much :) very pretty I thin…

The reading challenge - No.13 - a book more than 100 years old

back to the books :) Are you still with me...I am never too sure if anyone is interested in these book-review-posts Well never the less let me know  what you think ;)
Today shortly about the book with a antonym in the title The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain a classic and actually more a little children´s book ;)
I liked it very much its a well known story and a classic which is known by probably everyone of you The story is basically about two boys a prince and a pauper set in 1547 ;)

First published in 1881 in Canada. The book represents twains first adaption on historical fiction
Mark Twain
The two boys in the story are pauper Tom Hardy and Edward prince of wales, son of king Henry VIII. They look incredibly similar and are the same ages, which gets the story going in the first place. Tom always dreamed of being a prince since he started to read the book of a priest who helps him escape from his violent father once in a while. On day his feet carry him to the royal castle whe…

An autumnal FOTD - featuring ♥ Tanya Burr Cosmetics ♥

Hello everyone :) Well this post was supposed to go up yesterday...but my internet just stop working at all Like I say in my Tanya Burr Cosmetics is a little face of the day I created with all the amazing products I´ve got from Tanya ...if you have not seen it yet - here is my video about it

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 foundation in N20 medium beige Maybelline The Eraser eye perfect & cover concealer in light Manhattan 2 in 1 perfect teint powder & make up in 20 peach Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder in 51 Sleek Blush by 3 lace in Guipure

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Palette nude delight as a base all over the lid and as a highlight on the brow bone gold coin all aver the lid, under the eye and in the inner corner enchantment in the outer corner bookwork in the crease and under the eye L´oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision in black Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner Tanya Burr Cosmetics everyday fluter eye lashes  May…

The reading challenge - No.11 - a book with antonyms in the title

this is a fun little post to write and when I say little I mean little. I am actually struggling with this reading thing...two book in one week is a lot...especially if the situation appears that you have to fore yourself to read...I desided that in the moment I am not enjoying this anymore and only force myself to do this I´ll stop it. Honestly that just is not the goal of this challenge - I has to be fun.
Okay after this little disclaimer...I hope you all agree Back to the topic
The book to review today is a book from my childhood.  I was not the biggest bookworm as a child, actually I never read...never every...way to boring I was a outside, running through the forrest child not a sitting at home reading. So the only book I can remember reading that time of my life is Pippi Longstocking
this is the copy I was reading and enjoying

I have a little trilogy of Pippi books The basic story, one about traveling stories and the taka-tuka land story
I thought lets see how much time you hav…

25 Facts about me - a little weirdo in a nutshell

Hellooo you wonderful people how are you tonight?♥

Today I wanted to to a little tag which is a oldie but a goodie and I thought those of you who come here regularly and maybe want to know a little more ´bout that weirdo who is writing so much all the time ;) I hope you like it and I tag those of you to do this too who ever heard of the
25 facts about me
tag the first time today...enjoy I hope you like it! Leave a link to your facts-tag :)

I learned plenty of instruments, but never kept on learning it to perfection.
Starting from flute and orchestra bells in school I started to learned to play the cross flute, the piano and the violin. 
I also have a irish tin wistle (which a can play), a didgiredoo (which I never learned) and castanets.I also tried to teach playing the guitar to myselfe...ya well...not very long :) haha Now I have singing lessons for classical singing for 5 years now...or even longer :D
I am loving rain, kind of ;)
When ever I am spending a night at home snuggle…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Relaunch | a Review

Finally the day is here and I can write this little post
...I could not wait but I planned it for today and wanted to stay in my plan know how much I love my lists ;)
I am 100% sure nobody missed it that Tanya redesigned her products, which look sooooooooo lovely now and I remember how impatient I was and that I could not wait until I got them.
I made a little video about them last week
or simply click here
Well and now to the closer review which, I know, is going to be so much fun to write
First of all you can get them most easily here on feelunique which is were I bought mine there is a 3 for 2 over there at the moment

Quickly some facts:
the range includes

♥ 3 eyeshadow palettes
the fairytale + galaxy + hollywood palette

♥ 10 lipgloss shades

from left to right:
afternoon tea, aphrodite, berry picking, champagne toast, daydream, I found nemo, just peachy, Let´s travel the world, lunch date, picknic in the park

♥ 12 nailpolishes

 from left to right:  bright and earl. duvet day, …