Update on what´s in my bag :)

Hello you lovely people :)
I know I said something like...there is going to come a flood wave of blogposts...well that never happened ;) haha sorry 
Well for those of you who keep coming back for some new posts regularly I want to have something new as often as possible ;)

Today I have a new little video on YouTube ;)

Its a update on what is in my bag this year ;)
About a year ago I wrote my first post about this topic - check it out
The new bag is a New Look one I got from Asos :) And I LOVE it
Unfortunately mine is sold out but how about this one in blue or this in silver 
Actually it is a backpack ;)

Ya, there is a lot of stuff in there, so if you are a nosy person like me ;) you´ll like it I´m 100% sure 
and...yes I know thats annoying but...how about a thumbs up, a comment or even a little Subscribe ;)
 Okay, thats a short one, but never a little post than no post ;)
I hope you are fine and that you have a wonderful summer


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