The reading challenge - No.6 - a book you should have read in school

I am back in the reading flow now and that is probably only because the last book was a graphic novel and there is not too much to read...but it actually took two days to finish ;) haha so much about the flow :D haha

I love the Iron man novel I read. I am actually pretty much into marvel in general...well I don´t own any graphic novels/comics or action figures or anything like that, but I love to spend time on the topic and watch the movies and you know blabla ;)

pic source or if you want to by it
The story is about a problem Iron man has to face and its a thing called extremis which is a gen changing thing...sorry cant remember the details ;) Tony Stark is investigation the black market sale of extremis and tries to destroy it completely. He has to fight against several different bad guys and of cause its not that easy :)
I loved reading it and I actually had to force myselfe to read everything...I tend to only look at the pictures and make up my own story ;) haha

8-9 out of 10
twas fun to read and I liked it pretty much


source this and next pic

Next up is:  A book you were supposed to read in school but you didn´t.
I always tended to not read or finish any of the books we had to in school...not because I didn´t want to but because of some kind of a little rebell inside who always showed himself as soon as a teacher said "You have to read this from page blah to page blablah". Later I probably read every book we had to voluntarily ;) I know I am the weirdest person. hahaha
I went to my personal school literatur section ;) in my book collection and checked which book was left on the to read list and in the end only Mademoiselle de Scudery or Das Fräulein von Scuderi by E.T.A. Hoffmann was left to finish ( I think the french name is also the english one...didn´t find an enlgish name ;) so its probably he french one )

Again this is a book where I cant give you any know best which books you had to read in school and if you are still in school ;) you´ll have one of these somewhere ;) or you just finish the one you have to read now...but I really don´t know what to do if you ever finished every book...just wait until thext school year and if you finished school already and there is no book left...just read the one you remember least. ;) or the one you loved most
If you went to school in germany like me you probably read Schiller, Goethe and so on Faust (100% on that :D haha), Die Räuber and maybe even Shakespeare ;) classic literature:)
there are many books to choose from or ask friends which book they had to read and finish those ;)

Have you done this book yet (and what was your choice) or have you read Mademoiselle de Scudery?
What do you think?



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