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The reading challenge - No.5 - a graphic novel

Finally I am sitting here and can tell you that I finished an other book for this challenge which I...I am too sure...will never ever finish successfuly... :( hahaha
I don´t even have the excuse that I had not time to read...I had plenty of it...I just didn´t read at all.
I actally forced myselfe to read because I wanted to stay in the game for this challenge!!
We will see how many books I will finish, there is still plenty of time left tho ;)

Are you still in the challenge? Or have you enteres yet? You know you can still do it, so you ;)


Alexandre Dumas

The book "The Three Musketeers" /french: Les Trois Mousquetaires) was first published in 1844 and is a novel by Alexandre Dumas.
The book is primary a historical novel and adventure. However, Dumas also frequently works various injusrices, abuses and absurdities of the old regime into the plot, giving the novel an addditional political aspect at a time when the debate between republicans and monarchists was still fierce in France. The story was first serialized from March to July 1844, during the July Monarchy, four years before the French Revolution of 1848 violently established the Second Republic.

The plot is set in the 17th century and it recounts the adventures of young d´Artagnan after he leaves his home to travel to Paris and to join the Musketeers of th Guard. D´Artagnan is not one of the Musketeers of the title: those being his friends Athos, Porthos and Aramis, inseperable friends who live by the well known motto: "all for one, one for all" or in french tous pour un, un pour tous, btw. a motto which is first put forth by d´Artagnan.
The story of d'Artagnan is continued in Twenty Years After and The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later. Those three novels by Dumas are together known as the d´Artagnan Romances.
(I did not even know anything about that ;) )
There are millions of informations about this book out there and you know where to find them ;) 


Shortly about the Musketeers
  • D´Artagnan: Charles de Batz de Castelmore d'Artagnan: He is not one of the "Three Musketeers" in the sense that he does not become a Musketeer until nearly the end of the novel, being merely a guard attached to Monsieur des Essart's company for the majority of the book. He is a poor gentleman who is good with a sword and has a lifelong dream to become a Musketeer. Over the coming-of-age story, he changes from a boy into a Musketeer.
  • Athos:  Armand de Sillègue d'Athos d'Autevielle who is also the Comte de la Fère: The last Musketeer to be introduced. He seems immune to romantic feeling and is the oldest and most accomplished of the Musketeers. To an extent, he becomes a father figure to d'Artagnan.  His life was ruined by Milady, and he has had trust issues ever since.
  • Aramis:  Henry d'Aramitz: A deeply religious younger Musketeer. He is a good fighter and an accomplished ladies' man, but he vows he will give it all up soon and join the priesthood.
  • Porthos: Isaac de Portau: A dandy, fond of fashionable clothes. He also is a loyal friend and a fierce fighter. He likes to brag about the women he has enjoyed over the years, but most of it is just talk.
About other main characters
  •   Monsieur de Treville  -  The head of the King's Musketeers. Monsieur de Treville is an honorable and distinguished gentleman, and close friend to the King. He treats all his Musketeers as his sons, and is an important figure of support for the young d'Artagnan. He is a rival of Cardinal Richelieu for favor and influence with the King.
  • Milady de Winter is a career criminal whose specialty is ruining the lives of the men she comes into contact with. Only D'Artagnan's pure heart can finally defeat her, and only at great personal loss. She is a beautiful but evil spy of the Cardinal and Athos's ex-wife. D'Artagnan has a brief relationship with her, but comes to his senses about her demise
  •  Constance Bonacieux is a young, beautiful woman and the Queen's seamstress and confidante. After d'Artagnan rescues her from the Cardinal's guard, he immediately falls in love with her. She appreciates his protection, but the relationship is never consummated. She dies because D'Artagnan loves her. Her death marks the final moment of D'Artagnan's boyhood
  • Rochefort is essential to the plot. Following their duel on the road to Paris, d'Artagnan swears to have his revenge. He loses several opportunities, but their paths finally cross again towards the end of the novel.  
  • Cardinal Richelieu  -  The King's most influential advisor, Richelieu is the most powerful and important man in France. He is furiously self-absorbed, but also an extremely effective leader of the state. Richelieu works hard to maintain the reputation and power of the king, since this is the stock on which his own status is based.  

I always loved the classics of literature and I still love to read them.
From Tolstoi to Dickens I want to read them all ;) Dumas was an author how has always been part of my childhood. From the count of monte christo to the man in the iron mask he wrote so many of those classics you have a audio book from as a child or watched films from as a teen...even if they are probably not the perfect stories for a child ;) I always remember his stories together with Jules Verne...and I really don´t know why ;)
There are so many movie adaptions an others like comics and TV series...I am 100% sure that averebody on this planet how can know this story of the Musketeers does know it or even has heard of last since the last Hollywood film in 2011.
This book is probably not the favourite one for many people and not mine, but it is a good read and I think also kind of a Must-read, cause it is a world classic ;) and yes I know many pages...but it is easy to read and therefore pretty fast finished (most of it ;) haha)
I´ll give it 5 out of 10
 I like it but it´s not like "I am sure that I will read it again" ;)
and I had to force myself through many pages
Have you read it yet and did you like it ?


Next up is book No.5 the graphic novel
I chose an Iron Man one...simply because it is the only one I have...or my boyfriend does ;)

To give you examples about which graphic novels you yould choos is not that useful I think...just visit the next comic book store and get one which seems interesting and thrilling to you :)
One about your favourite super hero or something else :) just get a novel in a comic strip format If you need a definition: click here or simply Wikipedia
    Which graphic novel would you recommend? 



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