Last update on my Eco-Cube Christmas trees

...Well, no good news today...unfortunately,
especially for those of you who loved my Eco-cube trees :(
Today will be the last update on them, because they died...and I really don´t know why
I just was about to plant them in a larger pot in real soil :(

These are the last pictures I will take from them...ever
after this I probably will lay them to rest...ya I know I am the biggest weirdo ;)
Well and on top of that I want to apologise for those crappy pics :( made them in a hurry and with artificial light and yes you can see this unfortunately

If you want to see them alive, young, strong and growing: click here, here or here for earlier updates
I don´t want to give up and I´d love to try an other eco-cube plant soon :)

Do you have any requests on which plant I should try again or any suggestions?
Have you tried any other eco-cube plants?


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