23 years young

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman...any gentleman??? ;)
Its been a while since my Birthday...its more like a 23 years and one month and 5 days young ;)... and I don´t know why it took soo long to write this and to select a few pictures to share my 23 birthday with you :)

I love reading birthday blogposts as well as I love "What I´ve got for my birthday"-videos on youtube, but I desided that this year it will only be a little blogpost about some of the highlight of my birthday and the celebration on the following weekend.

Its not the nicest thing to have birthday on a monday...literally the worst day ever to have birthday...but everyboday has a monday birthday once in a while :D haha
So I spent most of the time on July 20th alone at home chillin and hoping that I wont melt during a day with 37°C. Everybody was working so I had no chance but to share a little me time with me myselfe and I :)
Twas not the nicest way of spending my time but it wasn´t too bad though ;)

I got many lovely presents from my family and friends mostly for my holiday in Stockholm in september and some pampering stuff from my besties.

My mom made one of my favourite cakes for me, cherries and chocolate :) and I got the most lovely, and all of my favourite, flowers from her and my boyfriend.

I celebrated my birthday together with a friend of mine (he had his birthday just a weeks before me) on july 25th, the saturday after my birthday and we had a lovely time and some amazing hours with many of our best friends :)

I will try to redo my make up of this evening and a fotd of my birthday will probably follow soon...I hope ;) and I hope that it will be similar to the make up on the pictures ;) its pretty long time ago...haha and I have the memory of a gold fish ;)

well the weather did not look very nice ;) but the rain was gracious and stayed away ;)
my friends chicken-helga and helene

don´t know why but I had the shiniest face ever ;)

and then at some pont we went totally crazy ;) haha

and super red cheeks ;)

and I couldn´t stop taking pictures of the fire pit ;) and played nd played and playd with the different settings :) hahaha


and a few pics I just could not leave out ;)
I loved the pic of us its so cute and fun and the flowers are the bouquet from my bf a week later with blooming lilies ;)
Well I hope you liked the pics ;) I love every single one if them and I hope my friends do too are not angry at me posting them ;)

hope you´ll have a nice time and until next time


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