1 year of blogging

Here comes my 100th blogpost 

and no, its probably not a too special post :) haha 
I´d loved to do something special with you guys...like kind of a competition where you can win something, but unfortunately there is no you I could make this with...or I never hear from you :(
but I wont stop waiting ;) and PLUS it also is my 

1st blogging anniversary

I actually cant believe that almost one year went by since I started this blog (at 24th :) haha)...I really cant believe it
I am literally sitting here and cant believe it ;)
This last year was lovely and inspiring and changed a lot it my daily life
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and this Blog and all the other social media platforms
(links in my "About me" haha)
I am loving this "way of life" very much even if I worked hard to keep up ;) if you live 20 years without to much interest in it it can be a big change ;)

 I though back and about why I started this blog, what I expected and what I think about it now.
Well, of cause I am not writing this blog for getting a huge amount of clicks or the most followers ever, but...I am sure many of you can feel with me, I want to get feedback...and I really don´t know why there is just so few of you writing comments and that there is actually nobody ever following this blog.
I am thinking about this a lot and of cause I wont stop blogging only because of the fact that nobody is interested in this whole thing, cause it just is way to much fun, but I makes me think.
Why is nobody following? 
What makes me follow a blog?
Why is nobody interested in my content (same on youtube)?
Is there anything I am doing wrong? Is it just a technical thing which isn´t working?

What makes you follow a blog?
And what would keep you from following  mine?

A lot of questions, I know ;) and I know they don´t really show what I said above about blogging for fun and not for success. It just in´t that easy you know :)
 Even if I am trying to convince myself that it does not matter how many people follow this or comment or what ever, its not that easy sometime because it just would be so nice to get some feedback or just to communicate about all those things I love and blog about.
I personally love reading blogs and comment my thoughts or ask questions and start a relationship with the blogger on who´s page I leave a comment ;)

To put it in a nutshell ;) I love this blogging thing and I will keep on blogging as much as possible and maybe one day my dream comes true and you will change my life by following and commenting on my blog/youtube and maybe the dream of being a full-time blogger/youtuber will come true with your help :)


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