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The reading challenge - No.7 - a book originally writen in a different language

and again a book review for you :)
Today I share the category -A book you were supposed to read in school- with you
 Fortunately I had much time to spend in trains and subways and that always means so much time to read :)

The book I chose for his category is Mademoiselle de Scudery by E.T.A. Hoffmann.
After reading this now I really don´t understand why I ever stopped to in school. Its a fun little book to read and only about 100 pages and its actually interesting and thrilling...not boring at sorry teacher and actually thanks for choosing such a good book.

A tale from the times of Louis XI. It was first published in 1819 in Yearbook for 1820. Dedicated to love and friendship and it was an immediate commercial and critical success and let he authors popularity and that he became a very well-paid author. Today its still regarded as one of Hoffmanns  best and that not only because of its exciting, suspectfull plot and interesting descriptions of life, places and people of that…

Last update on my Eco-Cube Christmas trees

...Well, no good news today...unfortunately,
especially for those of you who loved my Eco-cube trees :( Today will be the last update on them, because they died...and I really don´t know why
I just was about to plant them in a larger pot in real soil :(
These are the last pictures I will take from them...ever
after this I probably will lay them to rest...ya I know I am the biggest weirdo ;) Well and on top of that I want to apologise for those crappy pics :( made them in a hurry and with artificial light and yes you can see this unfortunately

If you want to see them alive, young, strong and growing: click here, here or here for earlier updates I don´t want to give up and I´d love to try an other eco-cube plant soon :)

Do you have any requests on which plant I should try again or any suggestions?
Have you tried any other eco-cube plants?

The reading challenge - No.6 - a book you should have read in school

I am back in the reading flow now and that is probably only because the last book was a graphic novel and there is not too much to read...but it actually took two days to finish ;) haha so much about the flow :D haha
I love the Iron man novel I read. I am actually pretty much into marvel in general...well I don´t own any graphic novels/comics or action figures or anything like that, but I love to spend time on the topic and watch the movies and you know blabla ;)

The story is about a problem Iron man has to face and its a thing called extremis which is a gen changing thing...sorry cant remember the details ;) Tony Stark is investigation the black market sale of extremis and tries to destroy it completely. He has to fight against several different bad guys and of cause its not that easy :) I loved reading it and I actually had to force myselfe to read everything...I tend to only look at the pictures and make up my own story ;) haha
8-9 out of 10 twas fun to read and I liked it prett…

23 years young

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman...any gentleman??? ;) Its been a while since my Birthday...its more like a 23 years and one month and 5 days young ;)... and I don´t know why it took soo long to write this and to select a few pictures to share my 23 birthday with you :)
I love reading birthday blogposts as well as I love "What I´ve got for my birthday"-videos on youtube, but I desided that this year it will only be a little blogpost about some of the highlight of my birthday and the celebration on the following weekend.
Its not the nicest thing to have birthday on a monday...literally the worst day ever to have birthday...but everyboday has a monday birthday once in a while :D haha So I spent most of the time on July 20th alone at home chillin and hoping that I wont melt during a day with 37°C. Everybody was working so I had no chance but to share a little me time with me myselfe and I :) Twas not the nicest way of spending my time but it wasn´t too bad though ;)
I got m…

1 year of blogging

Here comes my 100th blogpost

and no, its probably not a too special post :) haha 
I´d loved to do something special with you kind of a competition where you can win something, but unfortunately there is no you I could make this with...or I never hear from you :(
but I wont stop waiting ;) and PLUS it also is my

1st blogging anniversary

I actually cant believe that almost one year went by since I started this blog (at 24th :) haha)...I really cant believe it
I am literally sitting here and cant believe it ;)
This last year was lovely and inspiring and changed a lot it my daily life
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and this Blog and all the other social media platforms
(links in my "About me" haha)
I am loving this "way of life" very much even if I worked hard to keep up ;) if you live 20 years without to much interest in it it can be a big change ;)

 I though back and about why I started this blog, what I expected and what I think about it now.

The reading challenge - No.5 - a graphic novel

Finally I am sitting here and can tell you that I finished an other book for this challenge which I...I am too sure...will never ever finish successfuly... :( hahaha
I don´t even have the excuse that I had not time to read...I had plenty of it...I just didn´t read at all.
I actally forced myselfe to read because I wanted to stay in the game for this challenge!!
We will see how many books I will finish, there is still plenty of time left tho ;)

Are you still in the challenge? Or have you enteres yet? You know you can still do it, so you ;)

Alexandre Dumas

The book "The Three Musketeers" /french: Les Trois Mousquetaires) was first published in 1844 and is a novel by Alexandre Dumas.
The book is primary a historical novel and adventure. However, Dumas also frequently works various injusrices, abuses and absurdities of the old regime into the plot, giving the novel an addditional political aspect at a time when the debate between republicans and monarchists was still fierce i…

Update on what´s in my bag :)

Hello you lovely people :) I know I said something like...there is going to come a flood wave of blogposts...well that never happened ;) haha sorry  Well for those of you who keep coming back for some new posts regularly I want to have something new as often as possible ;)
Today I have a new little video on YouTube ;)
Its a update on what is in my bag this year ;) About a year ago I wrote my first post about this topic - check it out ♥ The new bag is a New Look one I got from Asos :) And I LOVE it Unfortunately mine is sold out but how about this one in blue or this in silver  Actually it is a backpack ;)
Ya, there is a lot of stuff in there, so if you are a nosy person like me ;) you´ll like it I´m 100% sure  and...yes I know thats annoying about a thumbs up, a comment or even a little Subscribe ;) ♥  Okay, thats a short one, but never a little post than no post ;) I hope you are fine and that you have a wonderful summer