The Bodyshop - Drops of Youth - Bouncy Sleeping Mask | a Review

Last week I uploaded a video over on YouTube about a few amazing The Body Shop products and their ingredients and what those ingredients are good for.
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After I planed to do a review on this product anyway I decided to stop waiting and do it right now ;)
Maybe its a little to early to do this review, usually I wait pretty long to do a review on a product, because I really want you to have a very detailed experience, but I´ll tell you what I think so far and sooner or later there will be a empties video over on my YouTube channel and than you´ll get the deepest review ever :)
I am currently sitting on my balcony and listening to the fountain in the garden and to a little disney music :) oh summer I just love you 

To start with I´ll simply tell you what the packaging says:

"Refreshing bouncy cream gel leave on mask containing cell renewing Edelweiss stem cells. Over night moisturises and replenishes for youthful looking skin which feels bouncier, smoother, refreshed, recharged and renewed. "
"Apply every night on cleansed skin as last step of skin care. Scoop with spatula and apply on face and neck and gently massage into skin. Leave on to absorb, avoid eye area"

That is a pretty good information already :)
But like I said in my video I was very interested in every single information you can get on the ingredients :)

1. Edelweiss stem cells

This ingredient, the leontopodium alpinum stems, has a hight concentrations of leontopodic acids A and B which have strong antioxidant properties. Next to that it has strong anti-collagenase and hyalurnonidase activity, therefore helping to limit the degeneration of important maromolecules in the skin. With using the plants defense to protect the skin -> harness the protective substances the plant uses to defend itself against harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

Benefits of stem cells:
  • benefits skins´ ability to regenerate
  • Protect durability of skin stem cells
  • Delay biological aging of essential cells
  • Preserve the youthful look and vitality of the skin

2. Community fair trade Babassu oil

Its a extract from the nuts of the wild-growing babassu palm tree that is native to South America, brasil. In the last years it has become popular in the beauty industry because it possesses many fatty acids which are beneficial to skins overall health.
The oil is rich in vitamin E and phytosterols which act as the oil´s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents
50% of the oil´s composition is made up of lauric acid which are found in i.e. coconut oil, human/cow/goats milk and have moisturising abilities and are recognised as a acne fighter with its antimicrobial properties
The other 50% are made of a combination of
  • stearic acids: found in many natural products like coconut butter and used in many products like soaps or candles because of its role as thickener or hardener
  • myristic acids: has many uses like fragrance ingredient; opacifying and cleansing agent, surfactant, emulsifier, it has a primary property as a lubricant and is found i.e. in coconut oil 
  • palmitic acids: this ingredient is in detergens, soap and cleansing products. It has similar uses to myristic acids and also is not considered a primary or cumulative irritant, nor sensitizer although it does create foam and can be drying
  • oleic acids: it makes oil richer and heavier so they are extra occlusive and can seal in moisture
In daily life it is used for: cooking, as a cleansing agent in soaps and detergens, to treat itchiness and dryness to skin and scalp, to treat diseases/illness, its a moisturiser itself and used as hair care

First thing first - I love this product very much.
I have very sensitive skin and no problems at all if it comes to tolerance or how my skin reacts to it. 
It is very hydrating even if I think that is is probably not rich enough for skin like mine. Never the less I have not irritation on my skin and I like how it feels very much, especially in the morning if you wake up with amazing moisturised skin!!! :D 

The only thing you have to get used to is this very weird gel like, liquidy texture...I can´t put my finger on it ;) its just something you don´t see every day ;) and a little downer is if you use it with the little spoon like thingy which comes with it, use it as fast as possible cause it starts to melt as soon as it touches your skin

It is basically is what the packaging says. The bouncing sleeping mask is literally that, a mask to apply at night and leave on over night to sleep in
It is a product for all skin types, particularly for dry or dehydrated skin.
Simply use it like the packaging tells you. I use it as the last part of my night time routine after cleansing and after (if used) my serum or after toner or simply on its own.

I paid 26€ for it, I think it is 30$ and 22£. 
At first the price stopped my buying this, but now after using it I really think it is worth the money. This will last you a very very long time. It is a 90ml pot and cause of the texture you only ned the tiniest little bit every night.

Oh wow what a review...sorry about this incredible length ;) 
but I think this is it now...I probably forgot talking about something you are interested in...
sorry just let my know in the comments 
if you have some question or other comments feel free to let my know and I´ll do my best to make you 100% happy :)
And don´t forget to tell me what you think about this product :D

Have a wonderful week and I hope an amazing weekend


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