GlossyBox July - The Vive la France Edition

a new month - a new glossy box
and this month it is the - Vive la France Edition
with a very special box, which is sooo lovely and adorable and designed by Jamie Lee Reardin

the box is beautifully illustrated and is definitely a "keep-that-box-for-reuse" box

even the inside pieces are designed specially :)


Lillipops Make Up
Lip Balm "Délicieuse"

This balm is super soft and colorless and treats lips with its rich and creamy formula. It nourishes the lips with beeswax, shea butter, wheat germ and macadamia nut oil, regenerates and protects the lips from drying out and thanks to vitamin E from harmful UV rays.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Lash Primer

This lash primer sweeps on smoothly to condition your lashes. It leaves them looking healthy and voluminous. Just use the clear gel to nourish your lashes, or apply in the morning to enhance the effect of your mascara. This primer is pretty convincing in either way. You can also apply it in the evenings as part of your bedtime ritual to treat your lashes over night and nourish them. 
I like this product very much and just makes me think that a good base, from nails to lashes always can make things better ;) 

Sérum-Base Magnifiant/Enhancing Serum Base

The enhancing serum base is your dose of extreme youth in just 20s.
Through its compound made wit ultra moisturising and antioxidant active ingredients, your skin becomes supple and comfortable again to be always beautiful whatever your environment!
Apply daily, morning and evening, before your face cream.

Eau Thermal

Avène Thermal Spring Water is captured directly at source, ensuring that all its soothing and softening properties are preserved.
"You will feel wrapped in soothing softness. All the gentle purity of Avène Thermal Spring Water can be used to help calm the skin, Whatever life throws at you."
Following a surgical procedure, Facial redness, Skin irritation, Sunburn, Nappy rash, Following make-up removal, Following shaving, Following exercise, Following hair removal, During travel or sport to cool oneself.
The spray is particularly recommended for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic or irritated skin.
Spray a fine mist over the skin after cleansing. Wait for 20-30 seconds and then pat dry skin with a cotton pad. Can be sprayed over the hair to calm frizz, onto irritated skin, on red or itchy skin to soothe, or over the face, neck and body, in hot climate and after exercise.
I am loving this so much. It feels super nice and especially in this super hot weather lately!
There are so many amazing products from Avène and so many to try ;)

L´oréal Elvital
Sun defence protecting summer-shampoo

this is the first Elvital series, which was developed specifically for air protection and hair care in the summer with sun, sea, UV rays, heat salt and chlorine. The protective shampoo nourishes and regenerates damaged hair already during the daily cleaning.
Being honest... I have not tried this one yet :( but it sounds good if it does anything it promises and I think I will like it ;) really have to try this one :) let me know if you want a review

Self-tanning natural & uniform color

It´s a self-tanning towelette. Provides a natural and uniform looking tan in 3 hours
Use: Apply on clean, dry and moisturised skin. Wash hands after application. 

And that is everything :)
I really liked this box and its theme and I think the products match it pretty good ;)

I hope you all are very well and have a nice time
let me know what you are planning to do in the summer :D and special travel destinations? Maybe france? ;)


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