Essie: Bikini so Teeny | a Review

Its a shorty but a goodie and about a well known product
but since I love it soo much I just could not resist writing about it :)

It is an absolutely adorable color, like a cinderella-y blue ;)
I love it so much :) and it is such a summer-y cornflowery colour, so fresh and bright, 
with a slight shimmer to it
I was afraid that it would make my hands look pale and granny-ish but it does not :) 
it is a little daring but absolutely pretty and darling 
I have never been the biggest essie-lover, but this finally changed my mind :)
its easy to apply and it says on amazingly long 
 Ss if you are looking for a colour which screams summer and pool and holiday - this is the one to go for 
perfect to create at-home summer manicure ;) 



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