GlossyBox May - The Style Editon

A new GlossyBox arrived...weeks ago ;) and it came in a special Edition...again ;)

The Style Edition

and the totally changed the little booklet which comes with every box. Its now called the Glossy Magazine and there are loads of new things in, like interviews and DIY ideas.
The Box of this edition is sooo pretty :) definitely going to keep it ;)

Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Glamination
Smooth Polish Elixir

This is an anti-frizz smoothing elixir for softness and glamorous shine. Used before blow-drying it melts in your hand and transforms into a featherweight, velvety serum. If you apply it to dry hair its perfect for a smooth, glossy look and you get control at the hair tips. Just apply a small amount before blow-draying to damp hair. You can additionally give a small portion into dry hair for an extra dose of healthy shine and long-lasting control and grip even a small 
I used it once just to try it and instantly fell in love with it :) I just applied the smallest amount on the end of a braid and, man this is he shiniest and softest part of my hair ´til today ;) Amazing!

Académie Scientifique de Beauté
Bronz´express Tinted Lotion

just a cut out of one of those whole box pics...cause I realised that you actually can´t see it above ;)
"The first self-tanning loion on the market which produces a natural tan in a few hours just like a "real" suntan. Thanks to its tinted colour it helps you get a streak free instant tan wherever and whenever you want it. This lotion is sustained to all skin types, even for those who cannot get suntan naturally with sun exposure. The tan fades away on its own gradually just like the tan obtained by sun exposure." (source)
I have not tried this one yet...but it looks sooo scary and I think I need sometime to convince myself to try it ;) I know its easier to use if you mix it with a little bit of bod lotion because its soo liquidy... but still haven´t tried it ;) Maybe soon

Rituals Cosmetics
Tao - T´AI CHI - foaming shower gel sensation

"Unique shower foam rechnology bades on organic ingredients White Lotus and Green Tea. Due to its self-cleaning properties, the White Lotus is a symbol for purity and spiritual growth, while e powerful antioxidant Green Tea has a strong calming effect. The gentlest shower foam your skin has ever experienced." (source)
I love this, it smells so nice and feels amazing, so super soft. It comes out in a liquidy, gel-like consistency and foams up after a few seconds. Its super soft on the skin and it leaves it as soft.
Cant wait to shower more with makes me want to shower all day ;)

Anticellulite Booster

Enriched with anatural extractcomplex that combats existing cellulite, while preventing the formation of new cellulite with action at all levels: flavonoids from Astragulus root inhibit the formation of fat cells and reduce existing cells, Rascogenin in butcher´s broom rhizome faciliates blood flow. Naringin in Lemon peel and Rutin in Goldenrod flower extract help reduce swelling. This Lotion also has a local effect on reducing fat tissue.

Stagecolor Cosmetics

A Lipliner stick for eyes, lips and eyebrows. In an attractive, black design the soft, skin-friendly stick promises exact, smear-free contours. The lip liner nourishes the lips with jojoba oil as vitamins A+E.
Well, I am not the biggest fan. It literally erases my lips. Even if I only use it as a liner around my lips, it looks super strange.

Thats it, I think...oh there where two little maybelline goodis in ;)
Have you ever tried one of these products? Did you like them?

I hope you have a wonderful week and a splendid june :)



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