Ecotools Complexion Set | a Review

Sorry for not blogging in so long loves :(
I had the most stressful and sleepless weeks, ´cause of uni and all my exams coming up!!!
I was planning to write this review for sooo long and forgot to do it so often... ;)
Finally I made it and here I am and tell you all about these, some of my favourite, brushes.
I talked a little about them in my first ever youtube video (if interested click here)

ecotools - earth-friendly beauty
five piece complexion set - smooth airbrush finish

Look beautiful and live beautiful every day

"The fresh and flawless complexion set brushes have soft, cruelty-free bristles, artist designed recycled aluminum ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.
Brighten your complexion and create buildable, airbrushed coverage with this five piece set, designed to hide any imperfections for the smoothest finish possible. Start with the flat concealer brush to camouflage problem areas. Use the buffing concealer brush and precision foundation brush to create a flawless even base. The complexion blending brush provides that airbrush finish before applying your touch of color with the full powder brush. These five essential brushed work together to design a photo-ready complexion with mineral, powder, or liquid makeup."

The convenient case is made with EVA material and is great for storing the brushes.
Find out more about ecotools on

Flat Concealer Brush
Use the flat tip with liquid concealer to cover blemishes and even skin tone in problem areas.

Buffing Concealer Brush
Start your flawless complexion with this brush to camouflage small imperfections. The large head invisibly buffs your liquid and powder concealer to provide one-sweep coverage to your under-eye.

Precision Foundation Brush
Create a matte base by swiping on foundation with ease over entire face and using th pointed tip under-eye and around the contours of your face for brighter lok.

Complexion Blending Brush
Achieve a smooth, airbrush finish by buffing with full head in a circular motion around the face with liquid or powder foundation.

Full Powder Brush
Finish off your flawless face with a touch of colour using powder, blush or bronzer  by swiping the full head over the contours of your face.

I am absolutely loving these brushes. Especially the Complexion Blending Brush ;)
it is the best to blend in foundation...probably I love it over my Zoeva one and that means a LOOT :)
I am not using the small ones to often...I am just not too much in too small brushes, but they are amazing for details and I love to use the flat concealer brush for under my eyes. The full powder brush is gorgeous and works really good :)
The most amazing thing about this brush set is actually the size of it and its brushes.
It is jut perfect for traveling and the brushes are amazingly protected in this little case.
I am choosing this little case over several loose brushes soo often, especially if I am traveling light!

Do you have any experiences with these brushed or other products by ecotools and can you recommend any?

Well I hope I can catch up with all my blogpost plans in the next weeks. Keep your eyes open I want to upload as many as possible :)


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