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Since so many of you loved ma eco-cube posts I thought I´d share this little planting projects with you too :)
I found these little flower bulbs in Butlers a two or three weeks ago.
I love planting some flowers in spring and I loved the idea of "making" your own soil so I also bought the coco soil. I know its a little late to plant these bulbs but I´ll try it anyway and we´ll see what happens :)


How to plant the bulbs in your window box:
1. Use protective gloves ( I did not ;) )
2. Fill your window box with approx. 5cm of soil

3. Place the tray onto the soil

4. Cover the tray with soil until 1cm short of the edge of the window box
5. Water moderately

How to plant the bulbs in you flower bed:
1. Use protective gloves
2. Dig a 10cm deep howl
3. place the tray into the hole and cover it with soil
4. Water moderately


- 3x yellow Gladiolus
- 3x pink Lily
- 22x Allium neapolitanum
10x Anemone mix

Warning: Not suitable for human consumption. Some people are allergic to flower bulbs.
(Just in case you´re interested ;) )


Coco potting soil
Expands to a volume of 10 liters. Depending on humidity volume may vary. A natural and environmental-friendly product, produced out of natural coconut coir raw material.

1. Cut the beg open at the top

2. Add 3 liters of lukewarm water

3. Wait about 5 minutes for the water to absorb
4. After 5 minutes you have at east 10 liters of fresh potting soil

Two thins to say:
1 - try to find someone to help...especially with the soil whilst adding water. I did it alone, the bag fell over and the mess was on the floor...not so nice
2 - it takes way longer then 5 minutes... I waited 30 until it was usable

What do you think? Do you like to grow your own flowers?
I love it, actually its so much fun to wait until they show themselfes with little green heads :)


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