April Favourites

aaaand again a moth is over
I can´t believe how fast time is going by
every monday again I am thinking about this ;) one week is over in like one second


Natural & Festive
  • I love the picture above because I love the flowers blooming everywhere now. And the green fields and trees...new life and a new start and I can´t wait for the flowers ;)
  • the warmth of the sun on my face

Beauty & Pampering
  • lord & berry lipstick in Cherry: an amazing lipstick and an overwhelming colour which stays on your lips for and unbelievable long time ( for more info click here)
  • 4LK Blusher Naturell: I´ve got this blusher in a glossy box lately and I love the light pinky colour so much. Its a bit of a mixture between blusher and highlighter I think and it looks soo pretty on your cheeks (read more here)
  • Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in 008 Hug Me: a lovely orangey nude colour shimmers on you lips and just looks gorgeous

  • I have a black skater-dress from Asos which I absolutely love and where when ever I can. Its a floaty, light black fabric with a rolled neck, sleeveless and long till the knees. I love wearing it with black tights and little booties and its a all year round wearable beauty ;) 

  • The song to the moon from Rusalka by Antonín Dvořák - since I am singing it in my singing lessons I love listening to it constantly :)

Films & TV shows
  • Downton Abbey: I am watching this show over and over again and I am crying soo much...well yes I am crying all the time when films or tv shows are say, but ya I love it ;)
  • Big Hero 6: I think I don´t have too much to say about it ;) just go and watch it. Don´t wait its sooo lovely and hilarious and sad and just wonderful
  • Transparent: its an amazon prime series and I like it. Its not one of those cant stop laughing kind of shows its deeper and about accepting change and the diversity of people and tolerance

people, random stuff and dainties
  • Kinder Schoko Bons
  • strawberries...well they aren´t a specific april favourite more like a all time favourite for me, but this month the finally begin to taste like strawberries...not perfect but sweeter and more "strawberrish" ;)

Well that is everything I loved last month...its not too much unfortunately, and sorry for the lack of pictures again...I can´t believe that I have to say this again :(
If you are interested in any closer reviews let me know
and I hope you all have a wonderful sunday and why don´t you follow that would make my day :)



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