Absolute New York Garlic Nail Treatment | A Review

The Absolute New York
Garlic Nail Treatment

"The unique garlic enriched serum treatment is specially formulated to bring life back to dull, weak, and brittle nails. Natural garlic enzymes penetrate deep into the nail bed to hydrate, nourish, and stimulate active grows - for brighter, longer, and stronger nails. Ideal for restoring durability after acrylics or gel manicures."

I´ve got this nail treatment via a GlossyBox (here)
I love this soooo much. Yes at first the packaging might be a little bewildering, to read garlic on the packaging, but never the less I liked the packaging, which I don´t have anymore, unfortunately. 
I love its colours and its vintage design.

The staying power of this treatment is amazing. It stays on your nails for really long, I´ve tried it without any other nail polish the first time and no chipping at all...after two weeks. 
It looks amazing on its own, if you want to go for a nudy shimmery look :)
I love to use it on its own between manicures.
I am using it all the time as a base coat AND I LOVE it! My nails look and feel so much healthier and they are much stronger since I use it, way less breaking. Oh and if you use it as a base it keep your nails from discolouring. 

I don´t know how well known the brand Absolute New York is, I haven´t heard about it before I got this treatment via GlossyBox. But I am definitely going to check t out a little more :)
If you are interested too click here

Well, what do you think about it?
I would totally recommend it too everyone who ever used nail polishes :)
Let me know if you tried it and what you are thinking about it :)



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