Spring Inspiration - 3: A new start

Welcome Spring :)
Like a new year, spring is a time of change, new beginnings and new growth.
Everything surrounding us gets new life and awakes from its sleep during winter.
New life, new colour - a fresh start.
I love the idea of growth around us AND in us. It is an opportunity to start again and if you want to change something in your life this is the perfect time of the year.

During the time of this change I love to change my life from winter to spring mode.
In winter everything is grey and a little dark and gloomy. The weather is dreary and I prefer to stay at home most of the time and snuggle up. I love winter for every single of its special attributes, but everything changes with the first days of spring, including my mood ;)
and I just love the re-awakening of the nature
I know many people who say the same...how about you?
Do you love winter too much to be happy about spring?
The sun, the warmth and the fresh, new colours make me feel like I can do everything :)

There are a few things I do when I feel the first signs of spring and after I started this little spring-series I thought I´d share them with you ;)

The probably most known thing in spring is spring cleaning and I think it is well known for a reason. Its the perfect time of the year to clear your closet, clean your home and make room for new things.
Yes I know....cleaning is actually not the funniest thing, but you will feel so much better once you are finished, believe me ;)
Every year it is the same for me...I have to force myself to do my spring cleaning and I still have to clean all my windows :0 this is always the last thing on my list ;) and I am pretty sure there are so many others out there who fell the same way ;)
But...this is just the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and deep clean :)
And, you know, just do one thing at a time. You don´t have to clean all rooms of your space in one, or maybe this year you focus on one thing like de-clutter your attic ;)
No, just do a little cleaning and maybe not too much then it doesn´t feel so intimidating :) that is actually how I do it ;)

An other thing I am doing around this month is reflecting how well my new years resolutions went on (if this is a possible way to say it ;)) I wrote them down in a blogpost ;) come on over and see if they match with yours :) One of them has been to drink more water and even if this wasn´t one of your resolutions it is important to drink enough water! I think especially when it gets hotter now because hotter weather means more sweating and that means you loose more water and you really need to give that back to your body :)
I really want to try more of those detoxing waters with herbs and fruit in it
and btw. its a little twist to the monotony of water-taste ;)

pictures are from here
After the grey and white winter colours I love to bring some colour in my life.
Of cause nature is doing much for us in this category. New life revives trees, fields and flowers. Cherry blossoms through the windows and all the other beautiful tree blossoms. LOVELY.
 I can´t stop smiling during this time of the year when all the new colours arrive.

Next to the natural change outside I love to bring more colour into my home. With a big bunch of flowers in a pretty vase or a lovely one, small and pretty in an adorable small vase, some different and colourful home decor items or just change a few stables, like the colour of your cushions and don´t forget to add a pretty floral bedding or one with fresh and bright colours :)
Of cause you shall not forget adding some colour to your wardrobe too!
This is always the hardest part for me, I am way to much a monochrome loving person and I wear black all the time. But even if you are like me, a black-lover, you can add some colour with bright accessories, like vibrant shoes or belts and of cause never forget those flower crowns ;)

pictures are from asos (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 11) or pinterest
Last but absolutely not least is the change of your beauty and skin care routine.
Spring is kind of like a transition time from cold winter to hot summer weather and of cause you need to change the skin care products to face those completely different weathers.
My face skin is so sensible and I need a 180° change of product.
Most important in spring and summer is to use products with a higher SPF. Of cause you should wear SPF all year round...depending on where you live ;) but in summer when you spend so much time in the sun and when it gets stronger you need to protect your skin...of cause I could add some examples here, but you know best which products you like ;)
If you´d like to see some examples...Leave a comment ;)
Of cause, like I showed you in the last two spring inspirations, you change the beauty products you use during the different seasons...even if you can use every product all year round ;)

Plus, very important, help your boy to detox. It is doing it itself in this time of the year, but give it a hand and it´ll be easier. Use some nice body scrubs (my favourites are The Body Shop ones at the moment), eat and drink healthy and allow your body to take its time to revive ;)

Oh, I nearly forgot, what do you think about trying something new in this new year and new spring?
Do something you always wanted to or something you just learned about and that sounds very interesting to you :)
Or how about doing something you loved in your past? I always dream about going horse riding again, I miss it so much. Or I wanted to revamp my old beloved bike, so I bought myselfe a little flower girlande and I am going to attach it to my basket :) 

What are you doing to welcome spring? Any tips you can tell me? Or any tips to make spring cleaning easier and more fun?
Enjoy spring and all the colours and flowers :)
I hope you are fine and that you have a wonderful time



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