Spring Inspiration - 2: Lips

After my Nail inspiration for this brand new spring I though I could share my favourite Lipstick colours for this time of the year with you.
I am obsessed with lipsticks and now I have even more on my wish-list =D

Peachy Melon

I think there is nothing better for spring that a peachy orange, maybe only the following pink ;)


Pink is the springiest...what a word ;) ...colour ever. 
All the pretty flowers, cherry blossoms and all the other pretty tree blossoms.


Again nude is a all year round stable. For this spring I prefer a soft bronze nude, I just love the bronze shimmer in it.

Hot coral

Next to a bright red and a soft peachy colour I love orange...I like it even more in summer but I am feeling wild this year ;)

Plum Berry

Berry colours are one of my favourite shades for spring...I know it is perfect for autumn too, but in autumn I prefer the dark ones and in spring those brighter ones :)


Red like a Popsicle is perfect for this time of the year, like tulips :)
A bright and vibrant red will make your lips pop ;)

These are my favourite shades for spring. I think you can wear every colour, the only thing that does not work for me are every dark shades...even if I wear my beloved dark red now and again ;)

Which colours do you prefer in spring are you a only pink in spring lover or do you need variety like me?
Leave a comment I want to know everything about your lipstick habits ;)
Have a wonderful week I hope it will be successful and relaxed


I found all pictures via google or on the pages of the lipstick brands


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