March Favourites

March is here and with it spring. It took really long for me to write actually was pretty hard for me to remember all my last month favourite things

I woke up many mornings the last month and everything inside of me just wanted to stay in bed. Not in the sense of laziness or being tired just in a "stay somewhere where nothing bad can happen" way. IN this time I actually struggled and I coped with myself to get up...I made it every morning, but this steels time and energy and I need those for other things. That is why I picked this inspiration for this new month and for myself.

natural & festive
  • SPRING - finally you are here :)
  • daffodils ... and of cause all the others ;)
  • the warmth of the sun on my face, when the air is still cold, but can forget about the cold because of this warm feeling

beauty & pampering

  • Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in "Bold Brunette": I bought it last year and loved it, then I totally forgot about it after I started using powder to fill in my brows and loved it do much and now I am completely back into this product ;) it´s not too easy to use but you get used to use it very quickly
  • Stila "in the light" eye shadow palette: I don´t have this very long but I instantly fell in love with it <3 the colours are just breathtaking and it is such amazing quality :) love it and this eye pencil in it is so amazing too
  •  Tanya Burr Lipgloss in "I Found Nemo": This such a perfect everyday shade, visible but very subtle
  • L´Oréal Mega Volume Collagene 24h Black Smoke Mascara: Maybe I put my head above the parapet, but I would say this is the best mascara ever! At least the best I´ve ever used
  • L´Oréal le teint Perfect Match in rose vanilla: I have this foundation for a few month now and I used it very rarely now and then, but until now I never actually preferred it to others. I always have a little problem with the skin around my nose, because it is soo very dry and it doesn´t like foundation at all, but with this on it works really well :) 

  • the score from the film "The Theory of Everything" I really cant stop listening to it
  • The Kooks - Konk

films & TV shows
  • Doctor Who -I think I´ve watched every season twice, but last month I started with the first one again  and I still like it...even though I know nearly every episode
  • started to watch Supernatural again...from the first Episode till the latest...I actually don´t know if they are still making this show? Any experts who can tell me if there are new seasons coming?

people, random stuff and dainties
  • Mangos!!! : That is all I have to say ;)
  • for games: Cities: Skylines
  • Gronkh ;) he is a german youtuber who makes lets pays and he is sooo hilarious all the time and I enjoy watching his videos sooo much, even if am not soo much into many of the games he plays. I love watching them before I fall asleep, love his voice ;)
  • those two guys :)

What did you love last month?



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