Glossy Box March - Fresh and fruity editon

I am definitely too late for this post :( sorry that it took soo long to write about the march box.
I have it so many days now, but no time to take pictures and when ever I had time I had no camera or the box was somewhere else...well sorry for those of you who waited for this post...if there actually is anybody ;)
okay enough excuses :) lets get started
The last box was again special themed

The fresh ´n´ fruity Edition 

I don´t know if the box is in so many different themes in other countries too.
But I think most of the boxes I receive are special editions, probably 10 out of 12 a year.
I love all those ideas the team of the box has every month and I loved the fresh and fruity one too, so perfect for spring and all those amazing products.

Natural & Organic Moisturizing Peeling

This is a facial milk with natural peeling particles from Acai palm tree. This face peel gently exfoliates the skin, removing surface cells and impurities. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines by combining Olive oil, Shea butter and Sweet Almond oil with Gotu Kola extracts that soothe the skin after the peel. 98,82% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 29,1% of the total ingredients come from organic farming.

Lord & Berry 

When we only have minutes to spare this lipstick is the one to reach for. It´s design is perfect for any size bag and is quick and easy to apply, smooth in texture and with an yet long-lasting colour payoff, it´s the ultimate lip fix.
And I love it ;) it´s the most amazing colour  and it does stay on sooo long. I have eaten an burger and drunk so much and the colour still was on my lips and looked fine :)

Blusher Naturell 

This velvety blusher with mineral pigments is the perfect choice for a fresh look and a healthy glow.
And with its Vitamin E it fosters your skin whilst looking good.
I do like this blush it is a little pale, but it leaves a nice shimmer on your cheeks and it is very pretty :)

Apricot + Aloe Vera 24h for sensitive skin

The composition of natural oils and extracts of organic nutri complex supplies skin with balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Particularly mild and conditioning substances like aloe vera and apricot extract support skin functions and have a soothing effect.
Licorice root extract helps to counteract inflammatory process and diminishes light irritations.
Aaand I LOVE it. My skin always need a special treatment and this fluid feels so nice on my skin.

Shower Gel

Its a shower gel with valuable and natural ingredients, a fruity-fresh aroma and a creamy foam. It cleans your skin without draining it. 

Thats it. I love the products and how well they all match the theme so perfectly.
Do you have any experiences with any of those products? Please leave a comment and let me know everything about it.  ;)



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