Spring Inspiration - 1: Nails

Spring is finally here and I though about what I could do to welcome it.
First how about a little spring beauty inspiration: 1st on my list are nails and pretty spring nail colours
Which is your favourite spring nail polish colour?


In spring I prefer a blue like the sky in spring or like Cinderella´s dress ;) 


A good bright tomato-like colour is great for this time of the year like all those pretty tulips everywhere. The dark reds are for winter and christmas but this brighter one is amazing for spring


Like sea-foam and the first signs of the warmth,
of cause you also could wear a brighter green which is yellowish, like the first young leaves on the trees, but at the moment I prefer this greyish shade.


Either super sparkly or just a nudy-pale one, pink is a must-wear colour in spring. 
A colour like the first cherry blossoms, fresh, girly and super cute


Nude nails are a all times classic. A sandy and glossy colour is a all year stable for me.
You can never go wrong with nude nails ;)


A colour like a fresh and fruity melon and I love every orangey shade in spring and in sumer (actually even more). It is a good mood colour ;)


Like the sun which hopefully stays now and all those pretty daffodils. Like orange it is bright and good-mood making and a colour for spring and sumer.

That´s it :) my favourite nail polish colours for this spring...unfortunately I don´t have a clue which colours are trend at the moment :( but I think yellow is one of them


all pictures are from the websites of the nail polish brands (Opi, essie, butter london, deborah lipman, YSL, chanel,...)


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