Last days summary - Wednesday

I just realised that my last post was on the 13th and I was a little shocked, that is really long ago. 
Since so many days went by I thought I could do s little summary because many things happened :)
I know that there are many other bloggers who do summary´s like this, many of them on a specific day and very regularly ;)
I  like the idea of it but also that I wouldn´t do it to regular or every monday or friday or any other day of the week ;)
just  every now and then :)

I am all hair in every picture I´ve taken lately ;)
and I am making the strangest faces, hahaha

Biggest life changing thing lately was definitely going back to uni.
My last semester was a internship one and that means the last time I´ve been to my uni was last year in july...that is actually a long time and you really need to get used to it again ;)
there are so many things to do and to organise. It need some days to acclimate yourself ;) 
I am in my 6th semester which means only two to go this one and the next one and then making my Bachelor and maybe my Master of Arts. I am studying Interior Design in Rosenheim which is really close to the Alps and a very beautiful city I especially love my mountain few from my room and balcony. I also always need a few week so feel home again in Rosenheim. I miss my boyfriend very much and my family too, but Rosenheim is only 1h away from them that is okay and way better than for many others who have to travel six or eight hours. 
An other very exciting thing, actually today, is my two-year-anniversary with my boyfriend. I love him so much and the simple fact that he is part of my life. We had so much fun the last years and so many good days. Of cause there where many bad ones and some really hard know if you are reading my blog a little longer, but we made it and that fact makes your relationship and us in person so much stronger!
I am thinking about making a few little YouTube videos so much lately and I actually filmed one three weeks ago, but I really don´t know what to do. I know there is actually nothing to loose and literally nothing I can to wrong, but there is much confidence needed and a program to edit the video ;) I have so many lovely new things I´d love to share with you, beauty and fashion stuff and a few home wear bits I am sure you would love to see, but there are so many that it would take weeks to write about them and even longer to take pretty pictures ;) and even longer cause I am a damn perfectionist and I would never take crappy pictures especially when I have the opportunity to take pretty ones.
I am also working on new blogposts for my 2015 reading challenge. I am currently reading Eat.Pray.Love and I really don´t understand why it takes sooo long to finish it. I love this book it´s amazing. I hope I will have more time and muse to read more and continue the challenge or I will fail completely ;)
I have a new favourite hair style...I really don´t know how you call it and I always thought that I have too much and too long hair for it but I tried it in saturday and it worked. It´s the one with the hairband where you stuck all your hair in. That is probably the worst description ever ;) maybe I´ll do a post tutorial about it ;) then you will know what I mean ;) oh and I need to buy more hairbands ;)
any recommendations where I can buy some pretty ones?
I can´t wait for spring anymore its nearly here, but not all the time...its sooo cold today and grey in grey everywhere. SUN WHERE ARE YOU, come back ;)

I hope you all are well and that you´re not forgetting my blog ;)
YES I am still working on it and having so much fun
Enjoy the rest of the week :) the weekend is near ;) half way through :) do you have any exciting plans for this weekend?


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