Valentines Inspiration

Happy Valentines Day 
again ;)

I´ve seen so many amazing and inspiring blogposts about Valentines day lately and since there are only three days remaining to plan a special day filled with love and happiness I though about a little collection of Valentines related things either home decorating or present-ish or look related things.
Of cause there are probably thousands and thousands of people out there who think that Valentines day is just a thing made up by some industry to earn more money, but I still believe in those of you who want to make this day as special as possible:)
Even if you are not in a relation ship, or you maybe just don´t want to and you are just very happy to be single and independent, you can have a wonderful day or evening with your friends and family.
I believe that it is not only a day for couples, but more a day for love in general and that means family and friends are included too :)
It is a day to spend with people you love and just concentrate on each other, talk the whole day through with people you haven´t seen in a very long time and maybe revive a relationship which drifted apart.
Of cause, and that is the only down side for me about Valentine's Day, it is a little sad that humans always need an occasion to do something special.  I think doing something for those you love should be as normal as... using the toilet ;) But I know it myself...during everyday life you get used to things and being loved and protected gets just normal and isn´t anything special anymore. If we really need an occasion like Valentines day to remember how lucky we are, then we should use it and tell our most important people how indispensable they are for us.

I LOVE this picture :) this is my dream future

Ideas for a day/night with your girls

Host a sleepover for your girls :)
Just have a night full of chatter, romantic and girly movies and loads of sweets;)
There´s no better reason to wear your cosiest Pyjamas and order some Chinese or pizza or else. Just do everything you´d like to, drink wine and eat chocolate and laugh the whole night through.
Oh and of cause listen to your favourite music and dance the whole night ;)
For some movie inspirations:
  • Julie & Julia
  • Easy A
  • P.S. I love you
  • Dirty Dancing
  • 10 things I hate about you 
  • The Wedding Planner
  • Pretty Woman
  • Bridget Jones
  • Valentines Day
  • Pitch Perfect
  • and there are soooo many others ;)
have a pamper evening 
take your time to recharge :) maybe it sounds a little intimidating to be alone on such a day but it is important to love yourself too :)
Take a bath with a glass of wine (or water or else ;) ) and listen to your favourite relaxing music and come down completely. Make a face mask and do all the wonderful thing for which you never have time during everyday life. Order a pizza and watch your favourite music. Make a mani-pedi in your absolute favourite colour and don´t think about anything upsetting ;) 
And if you don´t want to do it alone, invite your bestie and share a wonderful time :)

Organise a girls night out
Well you don´t want to stay at home? Then going out with your girls is the perfect idea and if you are on a hunt for a cute guy you will only find him out and about ;) Have some cocktails and delicious food and spend a night with lots of fun and make some amazing memories

Ideas for a Valentines Date for a small budget

Well not all of us have so much money to spend for this occasion and of cause some just don´t want to ;) But never the less there are many ideas to have a great night or if it is 2015 an amazing day :)
  1. just have a romantic night at home and bake your own pizza
  2. create your own home-movie-theater
  3. have a home-spa-night
  4. find a free/ public concert, grab some food and enjoy
  5. pack a lunch and go on a adventure
  6. have a card/board game night
  7. dance the night away
  8. do a road trip
  9. go for the longest walk ever ;) 
  10. stay home in bed the whole day ;) cook together, watch movies together and just enjoy each other 
Look - Inspirations put it in a nutshell ;) Valentines looks for me are all cute and feminine. With a lot of reds and pinks, pastels and lovely details :) and of cause, when is a better time to wear hearts ;)


Either you love Valentines Day so much that you want to decorate everything for this special day or you invited your friends and family over for a party or a delicious dinner :) there are so many possibilities to bring love into your home 

food and treats

those look so delicious :) yumyum

present & card ideas

I love all of those ideas, either for friends, siblings, children, parents or your one true love :)

You see...I am a little Valentines Day obsessed ;)
But I love all those ideas and  both being at home and relax and having a special adventurous day/night is great for this occasion :)


Love is the strongest thing you will ever experience!
And even if you only ever had negative experiences with it, don´t give up on LOVE. Never ever!!! Because love is the only thing nobody can live without.
It makes life worth living :)
If your heart was or is broken...try to keep it open

I send you all hugs & kisses and wish you a wonderful day with your beloved ones :)
enjoy a day filled with love :)

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  


  1. some great ideas! my valentines day will probably just consist of watching netflix and hanging out with my dog haha

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. my valentines this year ;)
      still great plan for a relaxing day - just enjoying yourself =D


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